Democrats’ heads are exploding nationwide after Vladimir Putin made one comment about Elon Musk

Photo by Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Elon Musk has been a thorn in Democrats’ sides for years now.

They didn’t think it could get any worse.

But now Democrats’ heads are exploding nationwide after Vladimir Putin made one comment about Elon Musk.

Democrats are losing their grip on social media

Over the years, Democrats have become accustomed to having the ability to completely control the national narrative on social media.

With every social media company based in Silicon Valley and filled with woke extremists, they knew they could simply utter a few talking points and send out the woke bat signal to ensure that their messages were always presented as fact while anyone who disagreed with them would be censored, shadow-banned, and the like.

And of course, if the woke extremists within the companies didn’t do exactly what they were supposed to based on Democrats’ public suggestions, they knew they always had a direct line through the weaponized Department of Justice, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and any other government agency to pressure the companies to do their bidding.

But that all changed overnight for Democrats after Elon Musk spent $44 billion to acquire Twitter for the sole purpose of making it into a free speech haven.

You see, Twitter was the top social media platform of choice for Democrats and most of their self-proclaimed “journalist” allies to twist and manipulate public opinion.

Within days of him acquiring the company, Musk had completely upended that aspect of Democrats’ propaganda machine, allowing all opinions and information to be shared on the site without fear of politically-motivated retribution in the form of shadow bans or outright terminations of accounts.

Now, the ruling class elites’ lies, especially those of Democrats in America, are beginning to be exposed on the platform – which Musk renamed X – as millions of Americans are being given a voice they previously didn’t have to freely disagree and contradict Democrats’ claims without being punished for it.

Needless to say, that was more than enough for Democrats to target Musk for destruction.

But one of the few humans Democrats hate more than Musk is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin loves Musk

No one is really sure why, but Democrats – and establishment Republicans, for that matter – have labeled Putin the primary enemy of the free world.

If you need the proof just look at the $135 billion in American tax money that has already gone to Ukraine from Washington, D.C. – and that’s just the beginning of the blank check they’ve been given.

The vast majority of Congress couldn’t even point out Ukraine on a map.

But they are proud to send Americans hard-earned money to Ukraine so long as it is used to fight Putin – even if it’d be better spent securing the U.S. border or fixing literally any other issue on American soil.

So what could make Democrats’ heads explode more than Putin praising Elon Musk?

While at the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia, Putin praised Musk as “an outstanding person.”

“Elon Musk… is undoubtedly an outstanding person,” Putin said. “It must be admitted. I think the whole world admits it. He is an active, talented businessman.”

You know this just kills Democrats inside.

Hopefully, Elon Musk continues to stay the course in his fight against anti-free speech Democrats, as he is one of the most powerful forces Americans have on their side right now.

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