Democrats have radical plans for the Supreme Court following Roe reversal

The Supreme Court of the United States’ reversal of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling has led to a full-on meltdown from the radical Left. 

Riotous protests, vandalism, and threats of physical violence have popped up from coast-to-coast since the ruling. 

Now Democrats have radical plans for the High Court that would undermine America’s entire system of government. 

Correcting supreme mistakes

In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States acted as a legislature and added a so-called “Right to Privacy” into the U.S. Constitution – and used that as an excuse to legalize first trimester abortions nationwide. 

A 15-week abortion restriction in Mississippi made it all the way to the highest court in all the land. 

The court ruled the Mississippi law was not only Constitutional, but that Roe v. Wade itself was unconstitutional. 

In a 6-3 decision, SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, returning abortion policies for individual states to decide. 

Despite a leaked draft of the ruling being illegally released to the media months ahead of the decision, pro-abortion advocates lost their collective minds upon hearing the ruling. 

Democrats’ dangerous temper tantrum

Weeks later, a new poll indicates Democrat voters are ready to blow up America’s entire system of government in order to secure a judicial branch that will bend to the will of the woke radicals. 

According to a new survey from Rasmussen Reports, nearly two-thirds of blue voters, 64%, want President Joe Biden to pack the court with four new activist justices, growing the court from nine to 13. 

Not so coincidentally, that is the exact number of new Justices needed to give the left-wing side of the court a majority on the bench. 

By contrast, 53% of voters overall approve of the current makeup of the Supreme Court. 

“By and large, the American people hold the Court in high esteem, as this poll amply demonstrates,” said Heartland Institute senior editor Chris Talgo. “However, there is absolutely a movement afoot, principally among leftists and America’s youth, who desire to ‘reimagine’ the Supreme Court so that it will become nothing more than a rubber stamp for their radical agenda. Fortunately, most likely voters reject this notion and steadfastly support the Supreme Court.”

However, the Democrat voters surveyed in the Rasmussen Reports poll want their party of choice to go much further in dismantling America’s system of checks-and-balances. 

In fact, 53% of Democrats want to abolish the existing court entirely – and have it replaced with a new “democratically elected Court with justices chosen by the American people directly.”

Of course, Supreme Court justices have life-time appointments for a reason. 

It allows them to rule based solely on the Constitutional merits of the case without having to worry about how that may impact their re-election prospects or hurt their standing with the Executive or Legislative branches. 

Again, Democrats are alone in their radical desire to blow up the High Court. 

53% of voters overall object to legislation abolishing the court and setting up a directly elected alternative. 

Meanwhile, nearly 4 out of 10 Democrats are in favor of going even further – they support a Constitutional Amendment that would allow the United Nations to reverse any SCOTUS decisions the UN deems to be violations of human rights.

The Democrats are once again out of step with the general public on that, with 62% of voters across the political spectrum opposing such an amendment.  

Playing the victim card yet again

Another 56% of Democrats agree with the statement SCOTUS “is a fundamentally racist institution,” – however, 61% of overall voters disagree with that sentiment. 

Similarly, 55% of overall voters don’t believe the High Court is sexist – but 67% of Democrats say the court “is a fundamentally sexist institution that favors men over women.”

Do you approve of the job the Supreme Court of the United States is doing?