Democrats are using this recent Supreme Court ruling to try and win elections

Americans are suffering from high inflation, an out-of-control border crisis, and global chaos spurred on by Biden’s disastrously mishandled Afghanistan withdrawal.

Despite that, Democrats are feeling good about the Midterms.

That’s because Democrats are using this recent Supreme Court ruling to try and win elections.

Democrats hold onto hope and prey on voters’ fears

Joe Biden’s abysmal policies have led the United States into an economic crisis and the possibility of entering a major global war.

Yet the recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is allowing Democrat candidates to prey on the fears of their radical far-left base.

After the June decision, Democrats have turned the issue into a major talking point, which seems to be working – at least for now.

There was a time when a historic Republican Midterm sweep seemed almost a guarantee.

Yet now, Democrats like Pat Ryan are pushing the abortion decision talking point, giving voters a new issue to focus on.

Ryan ended up winning against Republican Marc Molinaro, and the victory could be a bellwether of what’s to come. 

Meanwhile, some conservatives and Republican candidates are mistakenly assuming that the Supreme Court decision is settled and there’s nothing more to discuss.

Marc Molinaro’s assumption that the issue “was settled” could be one of the things that sealed his fate.

Assuming that abortion doesn’t matter to voters is not a smart move, particularly during such a contentious time.

Will the Supreme Court Decision be enough for Democrats to win in the Midterms?

While there’s no doubt that large swaths of voters care about overturning Roe v. Wade, the issue still might not be enough for Democrats to sweep the Midterms.

Remember that Joe Biden’s policies have created economic turmoil, crime is skyrocketing, and there’s still a possibility of the U.S. getting into a war with Russia or China (or both).

On the other hand, plenty of less-than-stellar candidates on the Republican side have given Democrats a better chance of winning.

Not to mention, RINOs led by Mitch McConnell passing the largest gun control package in this century is depressing conservative turnout. 

Who needs Democrats when RINOs will take your liberties just as quickly?

When it comes down to it, everything is still very much up in the air as Biden continues to face extremely low approval numbers and exceptionally high inflation.

In most cases, voters know that it all boils down to being able to afford a home, pay for essentials, and have the means to care for their families. 

But according to Pew Research Center, 56% of registered voters say abortion will be very important to them during the Midterms, up from 43% in March.

Of course, almost all of this increase is from Democrats (71% now say it’s very important) while Republicans have shown just a one-percent change in their opinion, going from 40% to 41%.

If the GOP wants to win, they’ll need to put the abortion issue back into focus and figure out how to use it to gain some ground.

Currently, both parties are practically tied on their voting intentions with 44% saying they’d vote for the Democrat candidate and 42% saying they’d vote for the Republican candidate during the Midterm elections.

There is little doubt that Democrats will keep using the abortion issue throughout the Midterms, so it’s up to Republicans to remind voters why they’re choosing their party to ensure that the United States remains a free and prosperous nation that values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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