Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum after this hilariously prophetic scene from Monty Python went viral once again

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These days most of the content coming out of the entertainment industry is full of woke indoctrination.

So it’s often best to simply spend rainy Saturdays on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a classic film from years gone by.

But now Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum after this hilariously prophetic scene from Monty Python went viral once again.

The woke left-wing outrage mob targets Monty Python for cancellation

In the year of our Lord 2023, so-called “mainstream” comedians are basically no longer allowed to write a joke without running it by a series of focus groups to ensure no one could possibly be offended.

Monty Python films, on the other hand, represent a time when comedy was simply about making people laugh, and if anything, had outright disdain for any form of censorship.

However, the radical Left doesn’t just focus on preventing new edgy content from hitting your screen — they also want to remove your favorite scenes from movies and tv shows that have been entertaining the public for decades.

Now, they’ve got their sights set on the Monty Python franchise.

But legendary screenwriter John Cleese is pushing back after rumors began spreading online that claimed he would be removing one famous scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

According to Cleese, the rumors began following a Q&A in London last week. 

He explained exactly what he thinks of the attempt to cancel the “Loretta scene.”

Cleese responds to rumors he’s cutting the scene from future adaptations

Responding to what he called “misreporting” about plans for him to remove the famous “Loretta scene” from one of his Monty Python films,” Cleese addressed the issue in a post on social media, and said that despite suggestions by actors, he will not be getting rid of the scene.

“A few days ago I spoke to an audience outside London,” Cleese wrote. “I told them I was adapting the Life of Brian so that we could do it as a stage show… I said that we’d had a table reading of the latest draft in NYC a year ago and that all the actors… had advised me strongly to cut the Loretta scene.”

He said that despite the advice of “several” Tony Award-winning actors, he has “no intention” of removing the scene from any future adaptations of the movie.

Cleese explained that one self-proclaimed “journalist” decided to “misreport” the story, and that “amazingly none of the British media called to check” before running the story as true – imagine that.

The scene carries a prophetic, and hilarious, message that brings light to the current cultural problem.

Cleese’s film sees into the future

The “Loretta scene” may not have meant much to people when it first hit the big screen in 1979, but it sure does line up well with today’s culture war.

The scene depicts four characters discussing intersectionality and the importance of appealing every individual perspective in their “movement.”

One of the male characters finds himself under interrogation after showing an unnecessary concern for women’s rights.

When asked why he is so concerned about women’s rights, he responds that he himself wants to be a woman and “have babies.”

He proceeds to tell the group that they “must” call him by his new name “Loretta.”

That leads another man in the group to demand to know why everyone must cater to his insane need to be a woman.

It’s a perfect representation of the illogical argument made by transgender activists today.

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