Democrats are sounding the alarm as the immigration crisis worsens

America is in the midst of an invasion, yet the corporate-controlled media is doing everything they can to not talk about it. 

Every day, thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into America over the southern border with no end in sight. 

But now even Democrats are sounding the alarm as the immigration crisis worsens

The crisis happening at the southern border threatens each and every American

The truth is, what is happening at America’s southern border is a full-blown crisis. 

Each and every day hordes of illegal aliens are pouring over the border, and more often than not, they are coming in with little to no documentation. 

Many Democrats and the corporate-controlled media are completely ignoring this crisis, chalking it up to “Republican talking points.” 

This could not be any further from the truth, but thankfully even some Democrats are beginning to speak out about what’s happening at the border. 

One such Democrat is Vicente Gonzalez, who represents Texas’ 15th District in the United States House of Representatives. 

Appearing on NBC’s MTP Now, Rep. Gonzalez acknowledged that “I’ve got to tell you that our asylum laws are antiquated. And they are being abused. The vast, vast majority of people who come to our southern border are escaping poverty and not necessarily violence.” 

He then went on to say “And if we’re going to allow them in under the credible fear standard that we use now at our southern border, which is quite a low standard, then we should allow them in from this juncture or their home country. The fact is, the asylum laws that we have now are antiquated and are being abused. People are escaping poverty and are showing up to our border.” 

Rep. Gonzalez is completely right about this. 

These statements from Gonzalez prove that the crisis at the southern border is not some political creation from the Right like Democrats would like you to believe. 

Why the border crisis is so important for each and every American

The bottom line, is that mass illegal immigration is causing real and serious damage to America. 

Not only does mass migration, especially mass economic migration, have a negative impact on the jobs market, but it also hurts the economy at large. 

Not only that, but a significant number of these illegal aliens are smuggling in all sorts of contraband including highly addictive and deadly drugs like fentanyl. 

In fact, many border agents are claiming that the inflow of Chinese-made fentanyl from the southern border is a crisis in its own right. 

Yet many Democrats are refusing to even acknowledge this major crisis. 

This should not be a political issue and immediate action is needed to turn the tide of this invasion. 

Former President Donald Trump was right to place such a high priority on border security. 

The alternative is more drugs, more violence, and lower wages. 

America cannot afford any more economic hardship or crime and securing the border must become a priority for lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum immediately. 

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