Democrats are shaking with fear after Republican voters showed up in force in this key battleground state

Across the nation, voters are heading to the polls to vote in their respective primaries.

So far there have been some incredibly close races and major upsets.

But one of the biggest headlines came out of North Carolina where Republican voters showed up in a massive way, terrifying Democrats ahead of November.

If it wasn’t obvious that this election season was going to be one for the ages, recent primary battles have proven that it will be.

Prominent incumbents on both sides have been shown the door by voters, and some races have come down to fractions of a percent.

But there seems to be one underlying theme in most of these races, and that is Republican voters are showing up in force.

That is a great sign for those on the Right, but it is not entirely unexpected.

Most political analysts, even those from fake news sources such as MSNBC and CNN are predicting a massive red wave this November.

So it really is not a question of if, but rather to what extent.

And the recent North Carolina primaries might be a good indication of things to come.

Believe it or not, as it stands, there are still more registered Democrat voters than registered Republican voters in the state of North Carolina.

And despite this fact, Republican voters outnumbered Democrat voters by nearly 150,000 in their recent primary.

That is substantial to say the very least, and a very encouraging sign if you are a Republican.

Figures such as this one are causing Democrats to shake with fear, but at the end of the day, they have nobody else to blame but themselves.

Although as we all know, most Democrats do not understand the concept of accountability.

Due to Joe Biden’s pathetic job as President and the mainstream Left’s sprint towards the extreme far-left, voters are fed up.

Gas prices are surging above $7 in some parts of our nation, crime is through the roof, and the economy is going to hell in a handbasket.

Democrats have done nothing to improve the life of American voters, and at this point, this nation is in worse shape than we have seen in years.

It is fair to say that Democrats are purposefully trying to destroy this nation and our values, and voters from San Francisco to North Carolina are fed up.

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