Democrats are shaking in their boots after this viral video exposed the actual reality of the Biden border crisis

Photo by Ozzy Trevino, Public Domain via Picryl

The Biden regime has left the southern border wide open for cartels to traffick millions of illegal aliens into the country each year.

Americans are on the edge as drug use soars and crime lays siege to city neighborhoods.

And now Democrats are shaking in their boots after this viral video exposed the actual reality of the Biden border crisis.

The media wants to ignore the Biden border crisis

The Biden border crisis has been a big problem for Americans ever since President Joe Biden took office. 

Democrats’ woke extremist, open borders policies have left the southern border wide open to a literal flood of illegal aliens.

But the media largely chooses to ignore the problem, and have instead focused on European border security. 

But the American people can’t ignore the photos and videos across social media that show illegal aliens – largely single, military aged, adult males for some reason – flooding into the U.S.

Now, a new viral video provides a real-time example of how out-of-control the Biden border crisis truly is.

The video has raked in millions of views on social media, and Americans are angry over the fact that the true extent of the crisis has been intentionally kept from them.

It’s impossible to watch this video without feeling totally enraged with Biden.

A train of illegal aliens heading to the U.S.

A FerroMex train was spotted leaving Zacatecas, Mexico this week, but it wasn’t a normal cargo train. 

Instead, it was overflowing with hundreds of illegal aliens celebrating the last leg of their journey to the U.S.

Train cars were jammed full of illegal aliens enjoying the 750-mile trip north.

Onlookers heard whistling and shouts of joy as the train flew past to deliver the illegal aliens to their final destination.

Several cars were seen to have tents and other make-shift shelters put up to provide them with the necessary protection along the way. 

The footage is the latest evidence of the egregious invasion taking place at the southern border, and the lack of action by the Biden regime to slow the flow.

This comes as U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) announced a rise in illegal aliens crossing the border.

Two-thirds of border-crossers are single adults

CBP says that in July, over 184,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border, a sharp increase from the 144,000 who crossed in June. 

The astronomical numbers continue as President Biden refuses to act in the face of the unprecedented invasion.

While the Biden regime claims they’re just welcoming women and children from economically distraught nations, the evidence proves that’s just not happening.

Nearly two-thirds of the illegal aliens CBP have encountered attempting to illegally enter the U.S. are single adults.

Officials in Texas are struggling to maintain control of the border, and are often forced to bus them to cities across the country.

Sheriff Mark Daniels said that the policies and inaction by politicians and unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. are the problem. 

“The intellectual avoidance and abandonment with intended consequences by those leaders in Washington D.C. continues to be a slippery slope for those doing everything we can to protect our quality of life,” Daniels said.

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