Democrats are one vote away from destroying any chance you have of owning a firearm

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Democrats have been trying to destroy the Second Amendment for years.

Now they’re closer than ever in making their gun control dreams a reality.

And Democrats are one vote away from destroying any chance you have of owning a firearm.

America needs the Second Amendment

The United States wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Second Amendment.

America’s founding fathers challenged the English crown with their family muskets and rifles.

The same muskets they used to put food on the table were those they used in their fight for freedom.

And understanding that the right to bear arms is necessary for a free society, America’s founding fathers enshrined that principle into the Constitution through the Second Amendment.

But over the past couple of generations, Democrats have been doing everything they can to undermine working class Americans’ right to own a firearm as they know a helpless society is easier to control.

As far as Democrats are concerned, when voters feel hopeless, they need a savior, and the woke left-wing outrage mob loves nothing more than claiming more government control is the ultimate answer to every issue.

But thankfully, Democrats have yet to succeed in limiting the Second Amendment.

The only problem is, all that work that’s gone into protecting the Second Amendment, could go down the drain with just one upcoming House vote.

Guns 10X the price

Democrats on Capitol Hill are doing everything possible to force a vote on a piece of legislation that would put a 1,000% excise tax on whatever Democrats deem “assault weapons” to be.

If it became law, the bill would be gun owners’ worst nightmare, as it would make firearms ten-times more expensive before they even hit the market.

And as the bill currently stands, the firearms that would be hit with the 1,000% increase in price would be any firearm with the capability of taking a magazine that holds ten or more rounds.

So basically, any firearm that can take a magazine would be so expensive that you most Americans couldn’t afford it.

In a recent letter, House Democrats claim they are upset that this bill has been blocked from going to the floor for a vote.

“We are disappointed that Republican leadership canceled votes in July with so many pressing issues facing our country,” Democrats claimed in the letter. “Foremost amongst those is the gun violence crisis that is the leading cause of death for children in America.”

“As Members of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, we call on you to schedule votes on gun violence prevention legislation as soon as possible this year,” the letter added.

The next time a Democrat claims that they don’t want to restrict the Second Amendment, just remind them of this 1,000% excise tax.

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