Democrats’ are celebrating this industry’s record growth. But experts warn it’s a very bad omen for America.

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The American economy has been rocked by radical left-wing policies and it’s only getting worse.

People and businesses are struggling while they are forced to spend more than ever before. 

And now Democrats’ are celebrating this industry’s record growth. But experts warn it’s a very bad omen for America.

Nearly 60% of people believe that crime in their neighborhood is getting worse

The nationwide unrest that plagued cities in 2020 left a permanent scar on the American people.

The country watched as whole city blocks were set ablaze by the woke left-wing outrage mob.

This left motorists in most cities wary of what kind of danger they may face on the roads.

Most cities across the US are becoming increasingly violent and chaotic.

According to Gallup, nearly 80% of Americans believe crime is up across the country, and nearly 60% say it has gone up in their own community — the highest result since Gallup began tracking such sentiment in 1989.

Bail reform and radical left-wing District Attorneys have shown criminals that they have nothing to fear from the American justice system.

That has led to organized looting, explosive violence on the streets, and teenagers taking over entire streets to throw drug-fueled parties.

While most businesses see these circumstances as a major challenge, one industry is thriving.

Armored car sales have been “increasing steadily” since 2020

North American manager of the North Carolina-based armored vehicle company The Armored Group, James Jamila, said that the sociopolitical uncertainty in America, spurred on by the BLM riots of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, have helped fuel his company’s growth.

He said that in 2020, his sales hit unprecedented numbers, and that they are still going up.

“It has been increasing steadily because every year, it’s more evident the risk is there,” Jamila said.

He believes that the increase in violent crime in all categories is helping this increase.

“You have the home intrusion or smash-and-grab street incidents” leaving people to feel that they need to “armor up,” according to Jamila.

He added that anyone in “the downtown core of whatever major metropolitan area” is “surrounded by weirdos.”

The biggest change in his business is the demographics of those buying armored vehicles.

A “full spectrum” of consumers are driving the record interest in armored vehicles

Jamila explained that under normal circumstances, the armored vehicle business is “fairly consistent,” but in today’s environment, the company has seen a “sharp increase” in those inquiring about a purchase.

He said that he’s also seen a much wider array of consumers reaching out for more information on armored vehicles too.

“It’s a full spectrum — from employed, retired, to business owners,” Jamila explained. “They range from blue collar to white collar, to small, medium, and large business owners.”

Jamila also pointed out that all of this began in “the first quarter of the pandemic,” and then exploded following the “protests and riots” of 2020.

He said that he believes this is due to the rise in crime and homelessness.

Those in Democrat-controlled cities surrounded by “addicts and homeless,” or those who have known people to be victims of “motor vehicle theft,” are driving the increase. 

Even three years later, there’s “no sign of letting up.”

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