Democrats are beside themselves after one new poll destroyed their environmental extremist fairy tale

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexels

Democrats are on a mission to radicalize public policy.

For proof look no further than the environmental extremist agenda they’re attempting to force on working class Americans.

And now Democrats are beside themselves after one new poll destroyed their environmental extremist fairy tale.

While many states have implemented electric vehicle mandates that ban working class Americans from purchasing new gas-powered vehicles and force them to purchase expensive EVs, a new poll has shown exactly how unpopular and out of touch these proposed reforms are.

First and foremost, let us address Democrats’ environmental extremist agenda for what it is – a large-scale power grab intended to empower the ruling class elites to have more power and control over working class Americans’ daily lives.

Of course, while the ruling class elite are attempting to force their environmental extremist agenda on the working class by pushing the narrative that climate change represents the biggest existential threats to mankind in history, as it turns out, consumers have little-to-no interest.

Since vehicle infrastructure revolves mostly around gas-powered vehicles, such as gas stations, vehicle mechanics and dealerships, it is hard to see a strong desire for people to purchase more expensive and less convenient electric vehicles.

Government incentives and policies designed around encouraging people to buy electric vehicles have utterly failed to reach their goals.

As you would expect, rather than admitting failure, Democrats have shifted to their favored tactics of force and coercion.

Starting with California, states began issuing EV mandates, essentially setting a future date in the calendar banning the sale of non-electric vehicles beyond that point.

While the number of states following suit have increased, it appears that the American people are not on board with these destructive policies.

In fact, a recent poll has absolutely destroyed Democrats on this issue.

According to a new survey from Rasmussen Reports, roughly 65% of Americans have given little to no consideration to purchasing an electric vehicle.

A strong two-thirds of the country is just not buying into the eco fear mongering being pushed by Democrats.

According to the poll, only those who earn $200,000 or more in annual income would even seriously consider purchasing an electric vehicle.

When it comes to working-class Americans, EV mandates are extremely unpopular.

Of course, it makes sense that wealthy elites who can afford the purchase of multiple new cars each year would be so out of touch on this topic – they aren’t the ones who have to experience the struggles of working class Americans, especially under the Biden economy.

Every working class American needs a reliable vehicle they can count on to make it to work everyday just to pay their bills, and quite frankly, EVs simply don’t inspire that confidence at this point.

This poll proves that working class Americans are not hungry for radical changes to their daily life, especially if it means pushing them into a marketplace that does not work for their needs.

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