Democrats are advocating for one thing this prominent group of doctors just warned every American against

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The medical field is the last institution you want to be used against you. 

But now all signs point towards the fact that the medical profession is about to take a turn for the worse. 

And Democrats are advocating for one thing this prominent group of doctors just warned every American against.

America’s decline continues

There’s a certain point where tyrants realize that they can’t use government totalitarianism to get everything they want.

They need a little help from society to put tyrannical rule in place they want. 

And day by day, the American people are seeing this take place in real life. 

Every day, Americans see more and more of the nation’s institutions going further down the drain as left-wing radicals continue to infect every corner of human existence.

And many of these institutions aren’t what anyone would consider to be historical supporters of the Left’s radical agenda. 

For instance, the FBI used to be one of the most respected institutions in our nation. 

The thought was that no one was above the law, and no one would be individually targeted by the investigative law enforcement wing of the federal government without proper cause. 

Well, those days of unwavering trust for the FBI are long gone. 

Seeing the infamous FBI hats or shirts now strikes fear in millions of Republicans as the bureau has been targeting them for their beliefs.

And many churches are becoming either complacent, or completely obsessed, with the left-wing radicals’ woke agenda. 

It is hard to find a church these days that doesn’t cave to the Left on at least some woke issues, like transgenderism, gay marriage, Critical Race Theory, or even abortion. 

The institutions that have fallen completely into the Left’s hands are just shocking. 

But few institutions will have as large of an impact on the lives of all working class Americans than the medical profession, should it completely turn on the populace and embrace woke insanity. 

And this is exactly what hundreds of highly respected doctors are trying to warn about. 

You’ve been warned

The medical advocacy group Do No Harm recently had a conference in Richmond, Virginia that was attended by hundreds of the nation’s top doctors for the sole purpose of radicalizing the profession. 

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of Do No Harm and associate dean for curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, warned the group of what he has been seeing in real life. 

Dr. Goldfarb told the audience that “[m]edical education is really on the decline,” and that he sees more up-and-coming doctors “worry more and more about the social conditions from where patients come.”

He claims that one of the biggest infestations of woke thought that has crippled the medical profession is Critical Race Theory. 

While continuing to raise concerns about the medical profession, Dr. Goldfarb continued by explaining that Democrats’ woke insanity “says that we should treat people differently based on their skin color,” and that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.”

When someone of Dr. Goldfarb’s qualifications begins raising red flags about the radicalization of the medical profession, Americans everywhere should pay attention. 

If this is the case, then it is only a matter of time before working class Americans’ healthcare is determined on a basis of “equity” rather than their well-being. 

Should race determine one’s medical treatment?