Democrats and Never-Trumpers are in a frenzy over the results of this startling new poll

Donald Trump’s political enemies have spent billions of dollars attacking him over the past seven years.

After dragging him through two impeachment shams, Pelosi unleashed her January 6 Committee against Trump.

That’s why Democrats and Never-Trumpers are in a frenzy over the results of this startling new poll.

No politician in recent history has withstood more attacks than former President Donald Trump.

From the moment Trump announced he was running for President in 2015, the Democrats and corporate-controlled media started a coordinated smear campaign against him that continues on to this day.

Democrats fabricated the Russian-collusion hoax.

They dragged Trump through two phony impeachments.

And now Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee is hoping to get Trump indicted by the Justice Department to prevent him from running for President again in 2024.

While the Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and corporate-media attacked and smeared Trump, Big Tech banned him from using their platforms, making it harder for the former President to get his side of the story out to the public.

Most popular politician in America

Despite the past seven years of attacks, according to a new Harvard Caps Harris Poll, Donald Trump is still the most popular politician in America.

The poll found 42 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of Donald Trump, placing him two points ahead of second place Senator Bernie Sanders.

Mike Pence, who finished third, came in at three points behind Trump, while Joe Biden finished fourth at four points behind the former President.

26 percent of voters also said they had a “very favorable” opinion of Donald Trump.

The only other politician to come close to Trump’s “very favorable” numbers was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 19 percent.

And if there’s any Republican who Democrats fear more than Trump, it’s Ron DeSantis.

Bad news for the Democrat Party

The poll found more bad news for Democrats than just the fact that Donald Trump is the most popular politician in America.

Democrats are facing an uphill battle to maintain control of Congress after November.

Republicans only need to flip five seats in the House and one seat in the Senate to oust Pelosi and Schumer from power.

Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is setting Democrats up for a shellacking in November.

The poll also found that the Democrat Party has a -20 net rating, with a 40 percent approval rating and 60 percent disapproval rating.

Since the poll was taken the week after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, this is especially bad news for Democrats, as it shows the issue of abortion failed to move voters.

Democrats know they are in trouble this fall.

Joe Biden has no accomplishments for Democrats to sell to voters.

Party leaders were hoping the issue of abortion would energize the left-wing base and give them a boost.

They were also counting on Pelosi’s January 6 Committee to make voters believe Republicans were domestic terrorists who posed a threat to democracy.

But it didn’t work, as polls continue to show that inflation and high gas prices are the top concern of voters heading into November.

And without a miracle, Democrats are headed for a major wipeout at the ballot box in the midterm elections.

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