Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs just made a shockingly authoritarian move that will drive you insane

Democrats and their corporate media allies have spent years now attempting to convince the American people that Republicans are the most dangerous individuals on Earth. Yet oddly enough it’s left-wing radicals who keep threatening violence. And the utterly disgusting tweet Katie Hobbs' spokeswoman posted in response to Nashville's transgender mass shooter will make you sick. Heartless and vile As most are aware by now, 28-year-old trans activist former student opened fire inside The Covenant School, a K-6 private Christian school in Nashville, killing three nine-year-old children and three adults before being killed by heroic police officers. Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Radical Democrats have always supported violence and insurrections.

They prove it with harsh rhetoric that regularly condemns the justice system in the United States.

Now Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs just made a shockingly authoritarian move that will drive you insane.

Governor Hobbs moves to halt scheduled execution in Arizona

Governor Katie Hobbs has only been in power for a couple months, but she’s already shaping up to be America’s most disliked Governor.

The former Arizona Secretary of State was elected Governor in the 2022 Midterms, and she immediately started making controversial moves.

Her latest action showed her sympathies for a convicted murderer over that of the victim when she decided to intervene in a court’s decision.

Governor Hobbs announced her plan to go against the court-ordered execution of Aaron Gunches, who was convicted for killing Ted Price in 2002.

The execution was scheduled for April 6, but Hobbs has vowed to review Arizona’s death penalty protocols because she believes that the state isn’t following the laws.

The victim’s family has argued that she does not have legal authority over the case.

Family of victim says they are being “victimized” by the Democrat Governor

In  a statement to The Associated Press, Ted Price’s sister, Karen, said that she had finally found peace when the execution was scheduled — only for that peace to be squashed by Katie Hobbs.

“Not only has our family been victimized by inmate Gunches and the emotional aftermath of Ted’s murder, we are now being victimized by the governor’s failure to recognize and uphold our constitutional rights to justice and finality,” Karen said.

Lawyers representing Maricopa County in the case have argued that Governor Hobbs’ move was unfounded, and that no Constitutional violations were found in the process of his sentencing. 

“Nothing in the Constitution or laws of Arizona or the warrant gives the governor discretion to ignore the warrant and grant what essentially constitutes a temporary reprieve from the death penalty,” Maricopa County attorney Nicholas Klingerman said.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Governor’s attorneys are pushing to stop Price’s family from appealing her decision.

Lawyers for Hobbs cite a lack of execution drugs as the problem

In the court filing, lawyers on behalf of the state say that no judge should accept an appeal to block Hobbs’ decision.

They claimed that the state isn’t currently in a position to hold a constitutionally bound execution, citing a lack of execution drugs and no contract to obtain them.

They also said that Arizona Department of Corrections officials have no way of contacting the previously contracted pharmacist to compound the drugs.

Richard Dieter, the executive director of the objective Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), said that if it’s out of a concern of safely carrying out the execution, then he believes that Hobbs does have the authority to stop the execution.

Dieter’s group is widely understood to have no political position on the practice of execution, but does have interest in making sure they are held in an ethical and safe manner.

“She has the power to make sure that that’s functioning properly,” Dieter said.

If there’s any question about safety, then the DPIC will state its concerns.

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