Deion Sanders instituted one rule for the University of Colorado football program that is making woke extremists’ heads explode

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Many of us are thankful that college football returns this week.

Meanwhile most every woke extremist hates football and would love nothing more than to see it destroyed.

And now Deion Sanders instituted one rule for the University of Colorado football program that is making woke extremists’ heads explode.

Can we please have college football?

For most, it’s been a long summer.

On top of the heat, Democrats and their media allies have continued to force politics into every aspect of human life, continuing their endless stream of attacks on former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

And of course, none of that even begins to touch on the difficulty most Americans are facing trying to live paycheck-to-paycheck in President Joe Biden and Democrats’ economy.

It’s just been a rough summer for many people.

But thankfully, the fall is right around the corner, and with that comes football.

And it looks like the 2024 college football season is going to be one heck of a ride.

With the NCAA’s current NIL and transfer rules forever altering the DNA of the sport at the collegiate level, not to mention the massive realignment that’s taking place as schools jump from one conference to another on the promise of bigger paydays, the college football world is seemingly in chaos.

And there’s no better snapshot of what college football has become over the past few years than the program NFL Hall of Famer turned college football coach Deion Sanders is building at the University of Colorado.

Primetime in Boulder

Sanders is about as big of a personality as you will ever find on the sidelines of a college football game.

While more old school coaches, like Alabama’s Nick Saben, tries to keep the attention on their players, Sanders is right there in the mix, trying to outdo his players for views and likes on social media.

And Coach Sanders knows how to use that to his advantage, as he recruits star players from around the nation with the promise of giving them fame and money.

He’s even gone so far as to allow players to put their social media handles on the back of their practice jerseys.

But like most every other football team at any level, the Colorado Buffaloes have instances of fights at practice.

And oftentimes, when fights break out, coaches scold the players for fighting with their teammates.

But not Deion Sanders, who was apparently furious that his entire team didn’t break out in a brawl during a recent practice.

After gathering his offense back together once a fight has broken out amongst a few of his players at practice, Sanders scolded those on the team who didn’t jump into the melee and make matters worse.

“If one fight, we all fight!” Sanders barked at his players. “You understand that?”

You won’t hear that from any other Power-Five coach in America.

It’ll be interesting to see what Sanders can do at Colorado, as they have been at the bottom of the PAC-12 for years now.

No one may be able to tell yet if they are the real deal, but you can’t deny that Deion Sanders is bringing the Primetime energy to Colorado.

Should coaches encourage their team to fight?