Country Legend John Rich just let the cat out of the bag about Establishment Republicans and his comments have every RINO shaking in fear

Establishment Republicans have been playing their base like a fiddle for years. 

A lot of the actions RINO politicians have taken over the past several decades have been to the detriment of their own voters. 

But now country legend John Rich just let the cat out of the bag about Establishment Republicans and it has every RINO shaking in fear. 

The purpose of a political party should be to advance the overall base’s ideology and desired policies. 

And for the Democrat Party this is generally their objective. 

RNC is the biggest failure in modern politics

And that’s one of the reasons why the Democrat Party is so successful at pushing their agenda, because it aligns with their activists and voting base. 

But when you look at the Republican Party over the past thirty years, they always struggle to get anything of substance done at state capitals or in Washington, D.C. until the issue is either already moot or is something voters force them to act. 

The modern Republican Party is never proactive on issues, and almost always compromises rather than fight. 

And the reason for that is because the majority of leadership within the Republican Party is more worried about protecting and progressing their way of life, than they are the policies you want them to implement. 

If you need an example of this, just look at what happened this past weekend with the reelection of Ronna McDaniel as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

McDaniel has overseen some of the biggest failures the Republican Party has faced in its history

Back in 2016 before she was the chair of the Republican Party, Republicans took seats and won elections that no one thought were possible. 

Now, fast forward to 2022 while McDaniel has been in charge for five years and the Republican Party cannot even win a simple majority in the Senate during an election where every policy was against the Democrats, from inflation to immigration.

And with McDaniels failures stacking up one by one, the grassroots conservative base of the Republican Party was demanding that she be forced out of her leadership position. 

The Republican National Committee had their chance to vote her out in their January meeting. 

But instead of listening to the voters and grassroots activists on the ground, the RNC overwhelmingly voted Ronna McDaniel back as chairman. 

By a two to one margin, Ronna McDaniel beat grassroots activist Harmeet Dhillon 111 to fifty-one. 

This vote didn’t settle well with country legend John Rich. 

John Rich dropping truth bombs on the RNC

Over the years country music mega star John Rich has put himself out there as one of the leading conservative voices in pop culture. 

When it was very unpopular, John Rich would bring light to conservative policies and even Donald Trump to his fans, many of whom generally otherwise wouldn’t care one way or another about the America First agenda. 

And Rich never held back any punches against Democrats whenever they screwed over the American people. 

But John Rich is also pissed about the re-election of Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna McDaniel for Republican Party chair. 

In a video he posted on Twitter, he told his fans point blank to never support the Establishment Republicans again. 

John Rich claimed:

“Just seeing the news about the RNC and about Ronna McDaniels hanging onto her seat. Hard fought election they said. Hard fought race with Harmeet Dhillon right on her heals. I find it so ironic that Ronna will fight tooth and nail to be able to keep her job and her election, but she won’t fight tooth and nail about the elections we really care about.  The ones across this country. Isn’t that ironic.  I went out there today myself and a couple of days ago I did not want to be there. I only went there because there are millions of Americans that feel like I do. Their disappointment, their anger towards how they are seeing their money spent at the RNC.”

He continued by saying: 

“I would urge you going forward to maybe think about doing what I am going to do and that is if you have a candidate you support donate to the candidate directly. Do not send it into this giant slush fund hoping it makes its way there. “

Rich wasn’t holding anything back, and everything he was saying was one hundred percent spot on. 


The Republican National Committee has made it clear that they can’t stand their own base so it’s about time their base left them stranded and went directly to the conservative candidates with their support. 

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