Cori Bush threw an absolute fit after this conservative lawyer exposed her corruption

Photo by Craig Currie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

She’s a vocal member of the group of woke extremist Democrats in Congress known as “The Squad.”

She also has a history of blatant hypocrisy that has made her an easy and deserving target for political opponents.

And Cori Bush threw an absolute fit after this conservative lawyer exposed her corruption.

To say that Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has an image problem would be a major understatement.

After being at the forefront of the “defund the police” movement that almost cost Democrats their House majority in 2020, and was a contributing factor to their eventual defeat in the 2022 Midterms, Bush showed what New Yorkers would call chutzpah.

While Rep. Bush may have favored defunding the police for the regular people, she had no problem spending a cool half a million taxpayer dollars for her own private security detail.

When confronted about her blatant hypocrisy she sanctimoniously asked her critics, “Do you want me to die?”

So corruption runs deep through her veins.

Now, it’s back in a new form.

Follow the money

According to a report by Fox News, the Democrat Congresswoman’s federal election filings from last year show that her husband, Cortney Merritts, was paid more than $60,000 for security services.

This occurred even though Merritts has no security license in St. Louis, home of her Congressional district, or in Washington, D.C.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that the Bush for Congress campaign paid Merritts for “security services” five times between January and March of 2023.

Her husband also received $2,500 from the campaign once for “security services,” and $2,500 six times for “wage expenses” from April through June of this year.

This could be a major issue, and a conservative group has taken notice and action.

The Committee to Defeat the President (CDP) is a group opposed to President Joe Biden and Democrats, and has filed multiple complaints with the FEC over Bush’s questionable behavior, arguing that Bush “walked into a legal trap of her making.”

Bush is seething mad at this turn of events, and the campaign’s attorney, David Mitrani, has sent a letter to lawyer Dan Backer, demanding that he retract complaints over Bush’s payments to her husband.

“We demand that you retract the complaints you have filed that are demonstrably false, ”The letter reads. “Failure to do so – or continued repetition of these false statements with knowledge that they are false and without merit may result in liability for your client.”

But Backer and CDP are undeterred.

“You have not identified any false statements of fact — as opposed to non-frivolous legal conclusions and non-actionable opinions based on disclosed facts — in any of CDP’s filings,” the CDP said in a statement. “Nor have you provided any actual evidence establishing any of CDP’s assertions were false. To the contrary, several of the factual claims you make in the Threat Letter actually bolster CDP’s complaints.”

According to Roll Call, campaigns “may use campaign funds to pay for bona fide, legitimate, professional personal security personnel” to protect themselves from potential threats, but whether Bush’s uncredentialed husband meets those stipulations is unclear.

The legal wrangling is sure to continue for some time, but Bush could potentially be in for some trouble if what CDP alleges is found to be true.

Time will tell what comes of this but should penalties result, given her track record they couldn’t happen to anyone more deserving than Cori Bush.

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