Conservatives are up in arms after Adam Schiff made one unimaginable request

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In the previous session of Congress Democrats only cared about attacking Donald Trump and his family. 

Democrats and the RINO establishment launched a number of witch hunts that divided America like never before without yielding any results. 

But Conservatives are up in arms after Adam Schiff made one unimaginable request.

The only thing Democrats care about is attacking Donald Trump

Instead of focusing on the issues that actually matter to most Americans, Democrats and the RINO establishment have made it their mission to attack former President Donald Trump and his family any chance they get. 

The witch hunts that have unfolded since he took office in 2017 prove just that. 

These investigations and witch hunts did not present a shred of proof that Trump or any of his family members committed any crimes. 

However, many opponents of Trump are still hellbent on framing him. 

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is, of course, the most notorious offender of this, as he lost his position on the House Intelligence Committee for claiming there was “evidence” to prove his claims against the former President, even though such evidence has been proven not to exist.

Earlier this week, during an appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word, Rep. Schiff unveiled his next scheme to pursue the former President and his allies even further.

“Maybe what was motivating them on January 6 was less about trying to save the country and more about trying to save their own skin,” Schiff said. “Maybe they had some sense that these internal communications might be revealed and might reveal that they were deliberately lying to the American people. And that they are therefore part of the responsibility, a big part of the responsibility for the blood of January 6 on their hands.”

“Yes, I think that this is just explosive,” he added. “I hope that Dominion is successful and that others, whether it is regarding the lies about the pandemic that literally put people’s lives at risk, also have litigation around that or others. Since there is nothing but the profit motive operating here, they only way to attack is to attack the profit.” 

But what Rep. Schiff said next sent shockwaves across the nation. 

“The other thing I would add to that is folks that continue to advertise on stations that deliberately put out lies and deliberately undermine our elections,” Schiff claimed. “They become culpable in this too.”

In a nutshell, the Democrat Congressman will not rest until every conservative, conservative news source, and those who advertise with and support them, are punished and silenced. 

Adam Schiff will not rest until America is in ruins

Rep. Schiff just proved to MSNBC’s few viewers that he is no friend of the First Amendment or anyone who does not agree with him, and is hellbent on giving in to his fascistic and authoritarian impulses to silence them by any means necessary.

Schiff and his Democrat allies’ actions continue to suggest they are a considerable threat to America’s survival as a free nation.

In order to stop Rep. Schiff and his goons from making good on their promises, House Republicans must ensure the left-wing radical has as little influence and power as possible moving forward. 

Adam Schiff’s many wicked schemes have wreaked havoc on Donald Trump, his family, and the entire nation for that matter, for far too long.

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