Conservatives are demanding answers after Democrats attempted yet another insurrection

Photo by Joanna, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia,

All Democrats and the media have talked about for more than two years are the events of January 6, 2021.

Meanwhile Democrats have stormed and seized control of state houses across the country while the media has completely ignored it.

And now Conservatives are demanding answers after Democrats attempted yet another insurrection.

Democrat violence isn’t even a blip on the media’s radar

Turn on virtually any “news” channel, and without fail, January 6 will inevitably come up. 

Democrats and their media allies are fixated on that day, yet since then, the left-wing outrage mob has attempted a number of insurrections – or at least, what Democrats have claimed is the definition of insurrection since January 6 – all across the nation. 

Most recently, three radical left-wing members of the Tennessee state legislature attempted to seize control of the state capitol and stop legislative proceedings, leading to two of the insurrectionists’ expulsion from their elected positions.

Instead of condemning this attempted insurrection, President Joe Biden invited the three insurrectionists to the White House.

The families of the three nine-year-old children and three adults who were murdered in cold blood by a deranged transgender activist who opened fire inside a Nashville, Tennessee Christian school never received such an invite. 

And just last Monday, the left-wing outrage mob descended on the Montana State House, and attempted to stop proceedings there as well.

The leader of this violent protest was none other than Montana state Rep. Zooey Zephyr, a transgender Democrat who represents a district that encompasses the city of Missoula.

Ever since his election, Zephyr has stirred up controversy in the Montana state House by vocally opposing nearly every bill Republicans have attempted to pass. 

And on Monday, following the invocation and just before a vote on banning sex change operations for children, Zephyr claimed, “If you vote yes on this bill, and yes on these amendments, I hope the next time there’s an invocation, when you bow your heads in prayer, you see the blood on your hands.”

These putrid, anti-Christian remarks were ruled in violation of House decorum, which caused hundreds of left-wing radicals to shout “let her speak,” and “blood on their hands,” for over 30 minutes, interrupting the legislative proceedings. 

These rioters then scurried all around the state House, banging on the doors of Members of the state House’s Freedom Caucus office and others, while chanting the same phrases. 

The attempted insurrection that took place on Monday has received little to no media attention from supposedly “mainstream” outlets.

The attempted insurrections in Tennessee and Montana should alarm all Americans

The Tennessee and Montana insurrection proved that Democrats are willing to do anything to advance their radical left-wing agenda. 

In Montana, for example, protestors claimed that the state’s measure prohibiting children from receiving dangerous, life-altering sex change operations that are not medically necessary is somehow causing children to die. 

The truth is, Democrats like Rep. Zooey Zephyr want to mutilate children from a young age, which is horrific and reprehensible. 

Republicans – and even Democrats who have a shred of decency – are completely right to push these bills, and securing state capitols from crazed far-left rioters need to become a top priority. 

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