Conservative actor Tim Allen dropped a bombshell revelation about Disney booting him from the Toy Story franchise

Screenshot via YouTube, Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Toy Story franchise has been a family favorite since the first movie was released in the mid-90s.

In 2020 Disney released Lightyear as the origin story for Buzz Lightyear but chose to exclude Tim Allen whose efforts voicing the character helped make it iconic amongst 90s kids.

And now conservative actor Tim Allen dropped a bombshell revelation about Disney booting him from the Toy Story franchise.

Tim Allen seemingly lived the life of an old toy after being replaced by Chris Evans

Tim Allen was unceremoniously removed from the Toy Story franchise with Disney’s release of the Buzz Lightyear origin story in 2022.

The beloved actor rose to fame as the star of the television series Home Improvement in the early 90s, before parlaying that into roles in prominent blockbusters, like The Santa Clause, and ultimately becoming a staple of millions of Americans’ childhoods as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear.

Since the franchise’s launch, Allen has starred in four Toy Story movies.

The movies tell the story of a group of toys, led by Woody and Buzz, as they navigate the challenges of life for a toy.

They depict concerns of new toys replacing the old toys, and the fear of being left in the garage sale box.

Allen would eventually experience this same story arc in real life after he was shelved for the origin story of Buzz Lightyear.

He was replaced by actor Chris Evans following years of rumors that Allen would come back for a fifth installment of the franchise.

Now, the openly conservative actor is telling people what he thinks was the biggest mistake in the Buzz Lightyear origin story.

Allen said that the film struggled because it was “very confusing” to Toy Story fans

In an interview with Daily Mail, Allen explained that he thought the movie depicting the origin of Buzz Lightyear was “confusing” and “peculiar.”

He said it was “a wonderful story, it just doesn’t seem to have any connection” or “relationship to Buzz.”

“They were two completely different movies. And Chris did a great job doing an ancillary part,” Allen added, before noting that the movie “was very confusing to all of us on the Toy Story movie side…”

In the new film, the Lightyear character that Evans portrayed was an actual astronaut, whereas the original Toy Story Buzz Lightyear just thought he was.

Galyn Susman, a producer for Lightyear, explained this in a statement to Yahoo!, claiming they “weren’t making a Toy Story movie,” but rather “Buzz Lightyear’s movie.”

The producer claimed that is why they chose to use a different voice for that movie.

Disney received major backlash – as has become commonplace for the company – for removing Allen, but also for a gay kissing scene that caused the film to be pulled from theaters in 14 countries.

Allen is returning to the cast of the fifth installment of Toy Story

Following the historic flop, Disney has now made it clear that they are finally ready to release the fifth installment of Toy Story.

They seem to be trying to make amends with their audience after announcing that Allen has been recast to play Buzz in the upcoming film.

Allen said that he knew this was coming, and that it isn’t a response to the failure of Lightyear. 

He added that they’ve been working on it in secret, and that no one involved “could mention any of this,” even as Disney received backlash from the Lightyear film.

He also said that the new movie will be brought to theaters by a “whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies,” adding a hint that the new installment might be a live action film as opposed to animated.

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