Communist China’s military just rolled out an army of dystopian robots that will send a chill down your spine

N509FZ, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

As Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats go all-in on “woke” nonsense America’s adversaries have invested heavily in innovative military technology. 

Rather than worrying about pronouns these nations have made gaining an advantage over the United States a top priority.

And Communist China’s military just rolled out an army of dystopian robots that will send a chill down your spine.

Communist China just made a development that has foreign policy experts biting their nails 

Since President Joe Biden entered office, America’s adversaries have made significant gains. 

Not only have hostile nations engaged in a series of troubling offensives – like the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas’ October 7 terror attack on Israel, and Russia invasion of Ukraine – but they have also invested heavily in military technology. 

Communist China, for example, has dumped mind-boggling sums into the research and development of cutting edge military technology. 

For example, a recently released video from Communist Chinese-controlled media outlets shows robotic dogs which wield high-powered rifles, and allegedly use artificial intelligence (AI).

Further footage of these deadly robot canines spread across the intent following Communist China’s ninth annual Military Intelligent Technology Expo at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. 

These developments have created a firestorm on the internet, with many internet users fearing that these rifle-toting dogs could be used in a future conflict involving communist China. 

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) discussed these troubling developments in a recent sit down with Fox News. 

Buchanan specifically focused on China’s heavy investment in AI capabilities, which could give the Communist Regime technology a crucial edge. 

“If we don’t pay attention to what other countries around the world are doing on the AI front, we risk losing our standing on the global stage and position as the world’s preeminent fighting force,” the Florida lawmaker told Fox News. 

He then claimed, “Anyone that tells you that China will only be using these for purely peaceful purposes has their head in the sand.”

According to Buchanan, the United States has invested in similar technology, telling Fox News, “[This] should make everyone take notice and ensure our military is staying one step ahead of them at every turn.”

In response to China’s growing might, Buchanan and his allies in Congress have drafted legalization, which would amplify America’s response to such investment. 

Buchanan discussed this amendment with Fox news, adding, “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our amendment. The fact that it passed without opposition from a single member of Congress on either side of the aisle should tell you everything you need to know.”

Joe Biden has allowed America to steeply decline on the world stage 

Under Joe Biden’s watch, America has slipped significantly on the world stage. 

Nations such as Iran, Communist China, Russia, and North Korea have become more aggressive than at any time in recent memory, and many experts agree that Joe Biden’s feeble state has contributed to this trend. 

However, as America’s enemies march forward, Joe Biden has focused all of his energy and attention on his re-election campaign, putting American lives at risk. 

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