Communist China is grinning ear-to-ear after they successfully isolated the United States with one jaw-dropping global alliance

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Not that it’s any surprise but the world is rapidly changing.

Unfortunately the United States is being left in the dust under Joe Biden and Democrats’ “leadership.”

And now Communist China is grinning ear-to-ear after they successfully isolated the United States with one jaw-dropping global alliance.

American decline

For generations, the United States has been the world’s top superpower.

If you wanted your nation to succeed, you needed to be on the right side of the United States.

We controlled military activity, the economy, and technological innovation around the world.

So if you wanted to be somebody as a nation, you needed to have a friend in the United States.

But those days are long gone, and now, every day the U.S. is becoming less of a force in international politics.

And it’s not because politicians in Washington, D.C. magically decided that it’s somehow in America’s best interest to take a step back and stop footing the bill to prop up every other country in the world.

Instead, the United States is on the losing side of countless issues around the globe.

Just look at what happened in Afghanistan.

The United States showed the world that we could get pushed around by a bunch of goat herders in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Then you have the war in Ukraine where western nations, especially the United States, are bankrolling the Ukrainian military’s efforts, even as their so-called “counteroffensive” continues to fail as Ukrainians are just being fed to the slaughter on the frontlines.

So as the Biden regime is attempting to destroy Russia through a proxy war in Ukraine in order to “payback” Russian President Vladimir Putin for the “Russian collusion” hoax that’s proven to be a total fabrication, Russia looks powerful on the world’s stage as Ukraine can barely make any gains despite having a blank check and endlessly supply of weapons from U.S. taxpayers.

And one nation that has been taking advantage of the degradation of America’s standing in the world is Communist China.

China is rising

China has been investing hundreds of billions of dollars around the world to increase their influence and power over nations ignored by the United States.

But now, Communist China is starting to reach out to supposed allies of the United States, forming alliances that should scare us all.

And their latest move on the international stage is a game changer that we all need to pay attention to.

Most Americans have no idea what the heck the BRICS economic and security coalition is.

But if you don’t know about BRICS, you better catch up on the coalition quickly because they are becoming one of the most powerful coalitions in the world.

BRICS is a mutli-national coalition led by Brazil, Russia, India, Communist China, and South Africa.

Even though each nation is supposed to have the same amount of power in the group, the coalition is nothing but a puppet group for China.

And BRICS announced last week that they are happily accepting six nations into the group, including nations important to the United States in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The President of South Africa happily announced last week that “[BRICS] decided to invite the Republic of Argentina, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to become full-fledged members of BRICS.”

Why does this matter?

BRICS, a puppet group for China, will now be made up of nations with nearly half of the world’s population, a third of the world’s GDP, and half of the world’s oil production.

This puts the United States in a situation where any conflict with Russia and/or Communist China could result in BRICS turning on America and choking off vital resources the U.S. will certainly need.

Should the United States start to worry about BRICS?