Coming face-to-face with a hammerhead shark was not what this groom-to-be had on his bachelor party bingo card

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Bachelor and bachelorette parties are known to get a little out of hand from time to time.

That just comes with the territory.

But coming face-to-face with a hammerhead shark was not what this groom-to-be had on his bachelor party bingo card.

Most will never forget their first bachelor party

We all have that one night we will never forget. 

For those stuck in high school it may be the big championship game that you will remember for as long as you live. 

For others, it may be the birth of your first born child. 

But if you are married, odds are, you remember at least part of your bachelor party.

You may not remember everything about the bachelor party, but you still probably have some memories from that night.

And when it was all said and done, it was most likely a success. 

The decision is still out on whether or not this guy’s bachelor party was a success, though.

Regardless, there is no denying that he had one of the craziest bachelor parties imaginable.

Groom vs. 1200-pound shark

One group of guys recently decided to take their groom-to-be friend to Florida for his bachelor party.

And as some do to celebrate a groom’s big day, they decided to go deep sea fishing. 

But what made this trip one to remember was the fact that the groom came face-to-face with a more than 1200-pound hammerhead shark that was some fifteen and a half feet long.

The party went out with deep sea fisherman Mark ‘The Shark’ Quartiano, who is known for reeling in massive sharks during his fishing trips. 

This trip was no different as the groom reeled in the massive hammerhead during their trip, and brought the hammerhead into the marina. 

And by some accounts, the shark was the biggest hammerhead caught off the coast of Florida.

Just take a look for yourself at this dinosaur sized shark. 


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As you can imagine people couldn’t stop staring at this state record hammerhead. 

But to add another layer to this story, many in Florida and online are furious over the catch, as hammerheads are protected in Florida’s waters.  

In essence, you can catch and release a hammerhead in Florida. 

But it is a different story in international waters. 

If you catch a hammerhead 12 miles off the coast of Florida, you are free to harvest the shark. 

So thankfully for the groom and Mark The Shark, this hammerhead was legally harvested and brought to the marina. 

But just to make sure no laws are broken, the meat from the harvested massive hammerhead is going to local homeless shelters. 

Needless to say, this groom will never forget his bachelor party. 

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