Chuck Todd made one admission about the Biden border crisis that no one saw coming

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Corporate media personalities have never met a Democrat that they didn’t feel compelled to try and rescue from a political firestorm.

But every now and again a problem just becomes so blatant that even the professional clean-up crew media can’t sweep it under the rug.

And now Chuck Todd made one admission about the Biden border crisis that no one saw coming.

NBC’s Chuck Todd hasn’t been able to fill the shoes of the late Tim Russert during his tenure as the host of Meet the Press.

Perhaps that’s because he so seldom shows any pretense of objectivity.

Indeed, in June, it was announced that Todd would be stepping down before the end of the year amid the program’s declining ratings.

It is against this backdrop that Todd made a surprising concession to reality.

Even Biden’s cheerleaders can’t keep up the charade

On Wednesday’s episode of Meet the Press Now, Todd spoke of how Democrat politicians in New York and Massachusetts were very upset and demanding taxpayer funds from the Biden regime due to the vast increase in the number of illegal immigrants in their areas.

Democrats have enabled the massive influx of illegal aliens ever since President Joe Biden entered the White House and began unraveling every effective border security policy on the books.

What they didn’t count on was that instead of simply accepting that their communities would see their resources stretched, border state Republicans “shared the wealth,” transporting some illegal aliens to so-called “sanctuary communities” controlled by Democrats, who have virtue-signaled for years about how welcoming they were to illegal aliens.

When faced with the problems that Biden and Democrats had foisted upon border states, Democrats within these “sanctuary jurisdictions” cried foul, as Todd pointed out.

“I guess Greg Abbott was right when he said, once he got blue cities to deal with this, that they would be very upset at the federal government,” Todd admitted. “There’s a lot of background to this story and it — the Governor of Texas had been complaining about the administration not helping for months, and he said, ‘well, I’m going to start sending these migrants to blue states, maybe they’ll get some action.’ He’s turned out to be right about this, that he knew that other Governors — it didn’t matter; Democrat or Republican — would also feel burdened by this. And sure enough, here we are.”

A change of heart when action is needed instead of words

Now, in an about-face, New York Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is actively dissuading illegal aliens from coming to the self-proclaimed “sanctuary city.”

In similar fashion, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D-MA) has declared a state of emergency as illegal aliens have pushed social services across the Bay State to a “breaking point.”

That Chuck Todd is begrudgingly admitting the truth won’t solve America’s illegal immigration problem, but the admission wouldn’t have come if the problem wasn’t a mounting nightmare for the White House.

If that is what gets the Biden regime to finally take border security seriously, the country will be better off.

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