Chuck Schumer made one resignation announcement that rocked Washington, D.C. to its core

Photo by Senate Democrats, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

It came out of the blue.

And it involved criminal charges.

Now Chuck Schumer made one resignation announcement that rocked Washington, D.C. to its core.

Federal prosecutors announced they have indicted Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), his wife Nadine, and three businessmen on charges that the Democrat Senator accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes – including $100,000 in gold bars – in exchange for policy favors.

“Menedez and Nadine Menedez agreed to and did accept hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes in exchange for using Menedez’s power and influence as a Senator to seek to protect and enrich [his allies] and to benefit the Arab Republic of Egypt,” the indictment states. “Among other actions, Menendez provided sensitive U.S. government information and took other steps that secretly aided the Government of Egypt.”

Shortly after this bombshell dropped, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that Menendez had resigned as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee while the charges were pending.

“Bob Menendez has been a dedicated public servant and is always fighting hard for the people of New Jersey,” Schumer stated. “He has a right to due process and a fair trial. Senator Menendez has rightly decided to step down temporarily from his position as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee until the matter has been resolved.”

Senator Menendez struck a defiant tone following his arrest, claiming he was somehow a victim of a deep state witch hunt, even though he’s a part of the ruling class elite.

“The excesses of these prosecutors is apparent,” Menendez declared. “They have misrepresented the normal work of a Congressional office. On top of that, not content with making false claims against me, they have attacked my wife for the longstanding friendships she had before she and I even met.”

Menendez referenced the fact that prosecutors previously indicted him on charges of accepting vacations and private jet flights from a donor in exchange for preferential policy outcomes, which ended in the jury not being able to reach a verdict.

“For years, forces behind the scenes have repeatedly attempted to silence my voice and dig my political grave,” Menendez claimed. “The excesses of these prosecutors is apparent.”

Finally, Senator Menendez claimed the Biden regime indicted him out of racism against Hispanics.

“Those behind this campaign simply cannot accept that a first-generation Latino American from humble beginnings could rise to be a U.S. Senator and serve with honor and distinction,” Menendez concluded.

Democrats from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy all dogpiled on, and demanded Menendez resign his Senate seat.

But Senator Menendez rejected those calls.

This scandal will hang over Senate Democrats heading into what looks like a very difficult 2024 election cycle, as they’re already defending seats in Republican-led states, like West Virginia, Montana, and Ohio.

And now New Jersey – as unbelievable as it seems – may be on the verge of being in play.

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