Chuck Schumer is totally humiliated after seeing this eye-popping statistic

Over the last several years, Congress has authorized one multi-trillion-dollar spending bill after another. 

These massive spending bills have both ruined the American economy and hurt the plight of most Americans, as the money is for the most part, earmarked for politicians’ pet projects. 

That’s why Chuck Schumer is totally humiliated after seeing this eye-popping statistic. 

The COVID relief bill did nothing to relive us of COVID, or to help those most hurt by the government’s response to the pandemic.

But it sure helped the politicians and their crony capitalist billionaire friends.

Where there is massive spending, there is massive waste

Whenever the federal government approves a massive spending bill like the so-called COVID Relief Act, you can be certain that it is loaded with wasteful spending and boondoggles for billionaires. 

The waste and fraud that has accompanied some of the government’s most recent spending bills, is truly mind-boggling and totally disgusting. 

But there are some in Washington, D.C. who actually care about the future of America, and about restoring fiscal sanity to the federal government.

People like Thomas Massie and Rand Paul, and another Republican Kentuckian, Congressman James Comer. 

Comer now serves as Chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee, and he has made it very clear that he plans to use his authority to get to the bottom of federal waste and fraud. 

For example, Congressman Comer sounded the alarm about massive amounts of fraud and abuse within bills that were designed for “COVID spending”.  

According to Comer, this fraud and waste could total as high as $163 billion, if not more.

“Massive amounts of fraud”

Per Chairman Comer, “There has been massive amounts of fraud. Like we’ve heard from reports from the media, I fear there has been massive amounts of fraud.” 

He added, “We want to know if there’s a way to claw back any of this money — if there’s a way to hold people accountable for wrongdoing, and what steps these different government agencies have done to prevent this in the future.”

It’s about time that somebody stood up against large-scale government waste and abuse. 

Each and every day, hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars are being thrown down the drain by the federal government, and Americans deserve to know why their hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted and stolen. 

For too long in Washington, spending has come as naturally as breathing to politicians on both sides of the aisle, particularly Democrats who spend taxpayer dollars for sport at this point. 

If government spending is not slowed down, the American economy will crash

Massive government spending has many negative impacts on America and the American economy. 

First and foremost, massive government spending has caused inflation to reach a 40 year high, with no end in sight. 

This high inflation has caused the price of nearly all goods and services to increase drastically, which is devastating to most hard-working Americans. 

Chuck Schumer and his big spending comrades in Congress simply do not give a damn about the average American worker, and they will keep wasting tax dollars for as long as they are allowed to. 

Anybody who steals or abuses taxpayer dollars must be held accountable, no matter how powerful they may seem. 

The alternative is that America goes bankrupt and plunges into another great depression. 

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