Chuck Schumer is all smiles after learning Democrat may do even better in 2022 than he first believed

Nancy Pelosi lost her Speakership in the Midterms and then resigned from leadership altogether. 

Chuck Schumer certainly had a better Midterm election, with Democrats keeping control of the U.S. Senate – meaning he’ll remain Majority Leader for at least two more years. 

But New York’s senior Senator is all bluster now after seeing the latest developments in Georgia. 

Democrats ride out the red wave

Early in 2022, every indicator pointed to a massive red wave in the Midterm elections.

In early summer, following 15 RINOs in the U.S. Senate compromising away Americans’ Second Amendment rights and the Supreme Court of the United States ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and returning abortion decisions to the states, things started to change.

The “Democrat comeback” narrative began and was trumpeted in the corporate- controlled media.

By the end of the summer, the polling started to turn and it looked like Republicans were favored to have a big night, appearing prepped to take back control of both houses of the U.S. Congress.

Senate and House of Representatives along with projections of a net positive gain in gubernatorial races.

The election night came and it didn’t take long to realize, the polling got it wrong – very wrong.

The GOP did manage to win back the majority in the People’s House, but just by the skin of their teeth.

It was Democrats that netted two gubernatorial pickups in 2022.

And, in perhaps the biggest reward, thanks to the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats are guaranteed to keep control of the Upper Chamber. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been absolutely giddy while speaking to the press since Election Day.  

He’s even gone as far as revealing his agenda to grant a pathway to citizenship for “however many” illegal aliens are in the country. 

All eyes on Georgia

And the hits may keep coming for the senior Senator from the Empire State.

There is one U.S. Senate race yet to be determined. 

In the general election in the Peach State, incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock made a huge comeback thanks to early and mail-in ballots and led his Republican challenger Herschel Walker by about 35,000 votes – or less than 1-point.

The final result was 49.4% for Warnock, compared to 48.5% for Walker. 

However, under Georgia election law, a candidate must receive at least 50% plus one vote in order to win the election.

That means Walker and Warnock are headed for a runoff to be held December 6. 

The runoff gives the former Heisman Trophy winner a chance to rally in overtime and keep the Senate deadlocked in a 50-50 tie. 

While Democrats will control the majority either way, a win for the All-Pro running back would mean Senate committees have an even split of Republicans and Democrats – giving the GOP the opportunity to kill some Democrat bills before they ever get to the floor for a vote. 

If Warnock prevails, Sen. Schumer would be able to set all the committee assignments. 

Could 2022 get even better for Democrats?

However, a new poll out of the Peach State is better news for Schumer and Warnock than it is for Walker. 

A poll from the left-leaning AARP shows the incumbent enjoys a 4-point advantage over the former Georgia Bulldog. 

Walker garnered 47% support in the poll, while Warnock had 51%. 

Warnock’s lead is within the unusually high 4.4-point margin of error in this survey. 

The Georgia U.S. Senate runoff is Tuesday, December 6, but, of course, even in the runoff, there is early voting and absentee voting, which both state November 28. 

Who will win the U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia?