Christians are rejoicing after the Supreme Court handed down a major religious liberty ruling

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Not that long ago most stores and businesses closed on Sundays as a general rule thanks to the fact that most Americans viewed it as the Sabbath.

That’s obviously not the case today as so many have chosen to not only drift away from Christianity or other faiths but to outright attack anything even remotely related to religion.

But now Christians are rejoicing after the Supreme Court handed down this major ruling. 

Democrat’s crusade against Christianity just hit a major speed bump

The sad truth is that fewer and fewer Americans identify as Christian every year.

Part of this is due to Democrats’ crusade to wipe out Christianity as you know it in order to implement their radical Marxist agenda. 

As Karl Marx once wrote, “Religion is the opium of the people. It is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of our soulless conditions,” and these haunting words still guide George Soros, Joe Biden, and the radical Left today. 

However, enemies of religious freedom were dealt a major blow today after the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a landmark ruling protecting the religious rights of workers. 

In the case, Groff v. Dejoy, Postmaster General, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the Plaintiff, Gerald Groff, who claimed that his religious liberties were violated after he was forced to work on Sundays by the United States Postal Service. 

At the center of this case was a discussion over the “de minimis” test, which determines whether a religious accommodation is legitimate. 

“To be sure, as the Solicitor General notes, some lower courts have understood that the protection for religious adherents is greater than ‘more than… de minimus’ might suggest when read in isolation,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the Court’s majority opinion.

“But a bevy of diverse religious organizations has told this Court that the de minimus test has blessed the denial of even minor accommodation in many cases, making it harder for members of minority faiths to enter the job market,” the Justice added. “We hold that showing ‘more than a de minimus cost,’ as that phrase is used in common parlance, does not suffice to establish ‘undue hardship’ under Title VII. Hardison cannot be reduced to that one phrase.”

This ruling is a major victory for working class Americans of faith across the nation, as it ensures no American will be forced to choose between their faith or their career.

The future of religious liberty in the United States

Although this ruling is a major victory for religious liberty, it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to protecting religious liberty in the workplace.

In many workplaces in both the public and private sectors, working class Americans are often forced to defy their religious convictions to keep their job. 

There’s no better example of that than the countless working class Americans who are forced to go along with woke extremism being forced on the workplace or risk being terminated for being “intolerant.”

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