Chris Wallace humiliated himself by fawning over Liz Cheney’s pompous concession speech

Chris Wallace seems to fit right in with the left-wing hacks on CNN these days. 

Once a relatively neutral voice in news, Wallace let his Trump Derangement Syndrome turn him into a tool for the radical Left. 

And Chris Wallace humiliated himself by fawning over Liz Cheney’s pompous concession speech.  

Liz Cheney was absolutely trounced on Tuesday by Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman.

Cheney didn’t even manage to get 30% of the vote, which is perhaps one of the biggest losses by an incumbent in a primary ever. 

Cheney thinks she is the next Lincoln

Cheney gave a defiant and delusional concession speech in which she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. 

Her comparison earned her well deserved ridicule and virtually no one took her seriously. 

No one except for Chris Wallace.

On an episode of CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, Wallace claimed that Liz Cheney had “declared war on Donald Trump.”

Wallace said, “What struck me was the reference to Lincoln, and the reference to Grant, and the comparison to the Civil War. And I think she was very explicitly saying that just as our union was in jeopardy, life or death jeopardy, back in the 1860s, that the union is in jeopardy today. That is pretty stark.”

In addition to touting Cheney’s outrageous comparison, Wallace then suggested that she either run for President or “start a movement.”

“Look, I suspect she’s not being coy. I do not think she knows what form that is going to take, whether that will be a presidential campaign, or some kind of a citizen’s movement, like an anti-war movement, in this case, an anti-Trump movement. The other thing I would say is in the Civil War. She declared war on Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s Republican Party. She specifically called on Americans not to vote for the dozens of election deniers who have won Republican nominations for the governorship or the secretary of state roles in various states, which would have a dramatic role in 2024 in whether or not elections are certified are not,” Wallace said.

The fact that Wallace would compare this supposed anti-trump Cheney “movement” to the anti-war movement is especially ironic. 

Cheney was one of the most pro-war Members of Congress. 

For decades, neoconservatives like the Cheneys have been trying to chase anti-war Republicans like Ron Paul out of the party. 

Now they are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. 

What Wallace and Cheney both have in common besides their disdain for Trump is they are both washed-up has-beens. 

A Liz Cheney campaign for President would be a complete joke. 

She wouldn’t even be able to get close to votes to even be considered a potential spoiler in 2024. 

Liz Cheney’s political career is over. 

Perhaps she’ll end up joining Wallace for a lucrative career over at CNN. 

If that doesn’t pan out, the cackling harpies at The View are always looking for a token RINO. 

But one thing is for sure, holding office will not be in Liz Cheney’s future. 

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