China’s President is smiling from ear to ear after pulling a fast one on Joe Biden

The United States is in the midst of a new Cold War with a familiar communist rival, China. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is steering America down a losing path.

And China’s President is smiling from ear to ear after pulling a fast one on Joe Biden.

China is one of the biggest foreign threats to the United States

Under Joe Biden’s watch, the United State’s standing on the world stage has been diminished beyond belief. 

This is especially true when it comes to communist China, which has made some very startling power grabs in recent years and months. 

The most startling involves the Chinese government’s scheme to buy up massive amounts of land within the United States itself. 

And make no mistake, this is not retail property, but rather strategically important land that surrounds military bases. 

This should alarm every single American to their core.

But the Biden administration doesn’t seem to give a rip. 

Such negligence was on full display when members of the Biden administration completely shrugged off a question regarding this alarming land buying scheme. 

At a recent press conference, John Kirby, the strategic coordinator for communications of President Joe Biden’s national security council was asked to address these land grabs by Kimberly Halkett, a White House Correspondent for Al Jazeera English. 

Kirby responded with “I think the question of homeownership is a little bit out of my — out of my swim lane.”

He then went on to say “Yeah, I’m probably not the right person to ask about homeownership here in the United States,” 

Halkett shot back with “This isn’t about homeownership, this is about buying up land around military installations.”

And at that moment, Joe Biden low-IQ press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre changed the topic and moved on to somebody else. 

Why Chinese land-buying schemes ought to be a top national security threat

It does not take a genius to figure out why China buying land around United States military installments is dangerous. 

Either Joe Biden is aware of this and doesn’t want to divulge any more details, or he has been caught red-handed once again being completely unaware of a disastrous situation. 

If his first two years as President have been any indication, it is fair to say that the latter is more likely the reality. 

What these multi-billion dollar Chinese land purchases prove is that Joe Biden’s absent-mindedness is being taken advantage of by America’s enemies, this time the red Chinese. 

America is getting closer and closer to being a superpower of the past, and Joe Biden has no idea what day of the week it is, never mind how to handle complicated geopolitical conflicts such as this one. 

Joe Biden’s absent-mindedness is nothing new. 

But what is really scary are the people he has installed around him who appear to be calling all of the shots have no clue what they’re doing either.

Biden’s administration is jam-packed with angry socialists who are making it their mission to destroy America, one step at a time, either through utter incompetence or on purpose. 

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