CBS News claimed it fired this journalist as part of larger layoffs. But it’s what she reported right before her firing that has Americans demanding answers.

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Major media companies nationwide are laying off self-proclaimed “journalists” and other employees left and right as working class Americans tune out their propaganda.

As such CBS News claimed it fired this journalist as part of larger layoffs.

But it’s what she reported right before her firing that has Americans demanding answers.

Paramount makes cuts that shock their newsroom and the nation

Redstone family-owned Paramount – formerly known as ViacomCBS – made some shocking cuts to their workforce earlier this week, sending some news junkies into mourning.

Some 800 Paramount employees lost their jobs amidst the company’s dwindling financial prospects, and several CBS News “journalists” were impacted by the cut. 

Despite the company’s financial problems, CEO Bob Bakish continued to rake in an eye-watering salary of $32 million in 2023, and sources at the company say there’s a sense of revolt building. 

“Everybody in the newsroom is [angry] that Bob Bakish is making over $30 million and he’s making these cuts,” one employee said.

Among those who were terminated was CBS investigative reporter Catherine Herridge.

This comes at a time in which self-proclaimed “journalists” across the nation are watching her fight back against efforts to force the outing of several sources she has in federal agencies.

But that’s not the only thing that could have sent Herridge out the door at CBS News.

Possible connection with Herridge’s recent reporting

Simon Ateba is the Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa, and a popular journalist on social media. 

Ateba was one of the first to report on the firing of Herridge, and he is wondering what the possible connections are to her recent work.

“BREAKING: Respected American journalist Catherine Herridge has just been fired by @CBS after her recent reporting, including this,” he wrote on X. 

Alongside the comment was a post by Herridge reporting on the Biden/Hur interview that exposed President Biden’s complicity in a scandal related to classified documents.

Quoting a letter from two Congressional committees, Herridge pointed to a “concern that President Biden may have retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business dealings…” 

At a time when Democrats’ media allies act as a mouthpiece for the Biden regime, it makes sense to wonder if this is somehow connected.

“The news industry as a whole is going down…”

Other prominent “journalists” and influencers began to question the reasoning behind her firing. 

Trending Politics’ Collin Rugg noted that her firing happened “just hours after she reported on” the Biden/Hur interview. 

Rugg described the situation as “wild,” but also noted that “the news industry as a whole is going down…”

Best-selling author Michael Shellenberger said that the time when CBS News was “one of the most respected names in journalism” is over. 

“Today, it fired Catherine Herridge who is facing financial ruin and even prison for protecting her sources. Herridge is a hero… Shame on them,” he wrote.

Jonathan Turley, a legal analyst for multiple outlets was saddened by the report of her layoff calling her “one of the finest journalists in the business.” 

“I have worked with her for years and hold no one in greater respect…”

Herridge will undoubtedly land on her feet but where and when remains unclear.

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