CBS made one hypocritical decision around the Super Bowl that will leave you absolutely seething

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Some 100 million people watched the Super Bowl. 

CBS did its best to best monetize each and every one of them.

But now CBS made one hypocritical decision around the Super Bowl that will leave you absolutely seething.

CBS’s big plans for the big game

This past weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs played in the Super Bowl, this time facing the San Francisco 49ers.

But it’s not just the championship game itself that has become an annual tradition each February for Americans. 

Families come together to watch the new top-dollar commercials. 

The star-studded halftime show – this year headlined by Usher – also draws fans to the broadcast. 

With so many Americans watching this year, CBS wanted to use the massive audience to shape the 2024 Presidential election. 

But when things didn’t go the way they expected, CBS decided to expose themselves as hypocrites rather than do the right thing. 

Trump offers to step up when Biden decides to sit out

It was widely reported that CBS offered President Joe Biden a softball interview during the largest television broadcast of the year. 

However, fearing yet another bumbling-stumbling performance full of gaffes, the Biden campaign decided discretion was the better part of valor and calculated their candidate would be better off not speaking in front of almost all of America watching. 

“Either he doesn’t have anything to say or his team is worried about what he might say or how he’d say it,” one source told NBC News. “Regardless, it’s a problem.”

When news spread of the Biden team turning down the tremendous opportunity, former President Donald Trump wasted no time volunteering his services to fill in for President Biden. 

Trump suggested the interview would be “ratings gold” for CBS. 

CBS executive grabs the first excuse he can think of

However, Outkick Sports is reporting that CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus has turned down Trump’s golden offer.

“We’re producing a football pregame show,” McManus said. “Not a political show. I don’t want to get into the politics. We’re here to talk about the game.”

Keeping politics out of the Super Bowl would be a perfectly understandable and even a preferable option for most viewers.  

But the problem is the hypocrisy and double standard. 

An interview with Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, is political, but an interview with Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee for President, is not? 

What was President Biden going to talk about in the interview? 

Given his history of memory loss, the President would be more likely to talk about the 1966 World Series or fabricate a story about playing tackle football on the White House lawn with Gerald Ford, Steve Largent, Heath Schuler, Jack Kemp, J.C. Watts, and Tom Osbourne. 

If McManus really wanted to keep the interview about gridiron action, Trump would be a far superior pick.

But McManus only offered the interview to Biden and not Trump because he didn’t want to make the pre-game show political.  

Who would you rather see interviewed during the Super Bowl?