Catholics are horrified after the Vatican took one major step closer to further embrace woke extremism

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The Catholic Church is supposed to be one of the last lines of defense against moral decay throughout the world.

But with the Vatican losing its way long ago woke extremism has been able to infiltrate and nearly take over the Church.

And now Catholics are horrified after the Vatican took one major step closer to further embrace woke extremism.

No longer a moral nation

If you’re a conservative, odds are you are looking around the world today and wondering what the heck happened to society and this once great nation.

Just reflecting back on what used to be a decade ago, you’ll realize that America is far away from common sense and morals. 

Today, elected officials and judges claim they simply have no idea what a woman actually is. 

Scores of parents also openly celebrate taking their kids to drag queen shows filled with graphic sexual content.

And many institutions have caved to the madness right off the bat.

Educational institutions and many federal government agencies were already infested with extremists before the woke outrage mob began forcing it into the so-called “mainstream.”

But no one ever expected entire religions to cave to the woke mob. 

And lately, many churches are not only silent on the biggest social issues of the day, but they’re also fully endorsing the madness while they twist scripture to justify their misdeeds.

Of course, the Catholic Church lost its way long ago, and continues to be run by a devout woke socialist extremist in Pope Francis to this day.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Catholics around the world wonder why the Church has gone missing in the fight against immorality, and for common sense. 

And now, the Catholic Church’s latest move may just be a sign that it’s too late for society to fight back against the madness.

Catholics overwhelmingly support the woke extremist agenda

For the past two years, the Vatican has been conducting a study across the globe to help assess the direction of both church management and its congregation.

The study is part of Pope Francis’ new “synodality” initiative supposedly designed to move the Church towards more co-responsibility in governance, and the key mission of spreading the Catholic faith.

And according to the study, a large majority of self-identified Catholics want the Church to fully embrace and endorse the woke extremist agenda.

For decades, people of faith have stood against the rise of woke extremism that is now infecting the entire world.

But now, the Catholic Church is taking its first step before going all-in on woke extremism.

This is a bad sign for society moving forward. 

With few institutions taking a stand against woke extremism, seeing the Catholic Church fall deeper into the grasp of the woke outrage mob is not a positive development.

Should the Catholic Church endorse woke extremism?