California is in chaos while Newsom is pushing straight ahead with this dangerous policy

California has always had the strictest environmental regulations since the 1970s.

The Left coast state prides itself on its commitment to “green energy.”

But California is in chaos while Newsom is pushing straight ahead with this dangerous policy

Californians told to brace themselves for “rotating power outages” as heat strains grid

If you live in California, you probably received an emergency alert on your phone recently.

This alert left people confused and frustrated. 

It read, “Conserve energy now to protect public health and safety. Extreme heat is straining the state energy grid. Power interruptions may occur unless you take action. Turn off or reduce nonessential power if health allows, now until 9 pm.”

California is dealing with a prolonged heat wave that is pushing the state’s energy resources to the max.

This has resulted in them issuing an Energy Emergency Alert level 3. 

The alert issued to designated areas read, “The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is alerting Californians to be ready for potential rotating power outages . . . If outages are initiated, consumers can expect to receive notifications from power providers on areas affected and time duration.”

This isn’t new to California and it’s likely to become increasingly common.

According to the California ISO, “For two days in August 2020, planned outages affecting about 800,000 homes and businesses lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to about 2 ½ hours.”

Seeking to ease concerns, they added that the interruptions would be, “kept as brief as possible and utilities rotate them through their customer base so that no one area has prolonged outages.”

Newsom claims to have “avoided outages” while some Californians were “sitting in a house with no power”

California’s leaders say they know “outages are a significant inconvenience to those affected” but they would rather “manage emergencies in a controlled manner rather than let it cause a wider spread, longer lasting disruption.”

They also asked people to “do their part” by avoiding “flex” times in the early evening from 4pm-9pm. 

This means they should cool their homes, do laundry, cook, and even charge their cars earlier in the day.

Newsom later claimed on Twitter that they “avoided emergency power outages . . .”

He was met with ridicule in response with one user stating, “I was sitting in a house with no power when you tweeted this,” while another slammed him saying, “Residential homes account for 20% of power consumption . . . I’ll turn my lights off if you turn off the digital billboards on the street.”

This is sure to spark even more widespread condemnation due to the new zero-emission vehicle policy.

In wake of historical energy issues Newsom doubles down on shift to electric vehicles

California Air Resources Board recently approved the Advanced Clean Cars II rule that will prohibit new gas-powered cars and light trucks from being sold in California starting in 2035. 

Their plan is to “bring EVs to more communities” to achieve “25% reduction in smog-causing pollution from light duty vehicles to meet federal air quality standards.”

They claim that it will be especially beneficial to “the states most environmentally and economically burdened communities,” and that “drivers of full battery-electric vehicles already save money.”

The announcement of the Advanced Clean Cars II rule couldn’t have been timed more poorly.

They’re already experiencing power outages with EVs accounting for less than 35% of new vehicles.

Californians know what this will result in – more strain to their already burdened energy grid.

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