Bud Light executives are panicking after this eye-popping statistic changed everything

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As soon as beer drinkers discovered that Bud Light formed an alliance with a garish drag queen masquerading as a transgendered activist the company’s sales plummeted. 

Like other woke companies, Bud Light is learning the hard way that consumers do not want their woke left-wing propaganda forced down their throats by companies whose products they consume.

But now Bud Light executives are panicking after this eye-popping statistic changed everything.

Companies that go woke end up broke

Woke politics has infested nearly every aspect of modern life. 

But when it comes to popular products and companies, woke politics is proving to be the kiss of death. 

Based on recent sales numbers, Bud Light is learning this the hard way. 

Last month, it was revealed that the world-famous beer brand was partnering with transgender extremist Dylan Mulvaney just days after a transgender extremist murdered three nine-year-old children and three adults at a Nashville, Tennessee Christian school.
The backlash amongst working class Americans was swift and powerful with millions now boycotting Bud Light, including celebrities, like musicians Kid Rock and Travis Tritt, who blasted the company on social media.

According to Beer Business Daily, “A-B (Anheuser Busch) volumes went down 12.5% while Molson Coors was up 7.6% and Constellation up 3.8%. Bud Light was down 21.4% while Coors Light was up 10.9% and Miller Lite up 12.8%” in the month of April.

“Budweiser was down 11.5% while Yuengling was up 14.7% and Coors Banquet up 20.5%,” the report added. “Even Miller Genuine Draft was up 3.7%. Busch down 5.3%, Natural down 6%, Keystone up 5.3%, and Pabst up 14.3%.”

So according to this report, Bud Light’s sales are down over 21%, which is massive considering it was previously one of the most popular brands in America.

Not only are Bud Light’s sales down, but Anheuser Busch products are down across the board, reportedly costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars in market capitalization.

As a direct result of these declines, AB InBev is making a number of desperate attempts to restore its image in the eyes of consumers. 

Additionally, rather than executives taking responsibility for their companies actions, or who they hire, Bud Light has scapegoated several marketing executives responsible for the Mulvaney partnership, placing them on administrative leave.

Other companies must take note of Bud Light’s demise

The collapse of Bud Light sales is a case study of the damaging effect forcing woke nonsense on consumers can have on a brand.

The Walt Disney Company has had to learn this lesson time and time again, ruining highly anticipated movies such as Lightyear with woke themes.

Consumers do not want to be force fed the woke outrage mob’s cause de jour while they enjoy a cold Bud Light after a hard day’s work, and the company’s failed attempt to appease the radical Left has backfired spectacularly. 

Bud Light has a long way to go if they ever hope to regain the trust of their former customers, who are rapidly switching to other beer brands. 

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