Bud Light executives are melting down after a retail giant made this shocking move

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Bud Light is reeling from the massive backlash from its woke fiasco.

Its problems are expanding beyond angry beer drinkers.

And now Bud Light executives are melting down after a retail giant made this shocking move.

Bud Light is being pummeled by the boycott against the brand over its partnership with transgender extremist Dylan Mulvaney.

The company’s sales are still dropping with no sign that the backlash is letting up as it enters its fourth month. 

A dramatic decline in sales is leaving Bud Light with another gigantic problem on its hands.

Photographs emerged on social media of Bud Light being slapped with the “star of death” asterisks on displays at warehouse club Costco.

“On Costco price tags, if you see an asterisk in the upper right-hand corner, this indicates an item won’t be restocked,” Marie Clark, editor of the shopping site CostContessa, said in an interview last year with the website TheKitchn.

Costco fans nicknamed the asterisks the “star of death.”

Other users also discovered that Bud Light products stocked at Costco’s stores had a price that ended at 97 cents – the warehouse club is selling two 12 packs of Bud Light for just $14.97 – a sign that something at the retailer is being sold at a discount.

As one social media user noted, Costco is “practically giving away Bud Light” by charging just $14.97 for two 12 packs.

NielsenIQ sales data shows that Bud Light experienced a nearly 30% decline in sales for the four-week period ending on July 1.

Bud Light has tried to do damage control with an aggressive new marketing campaign featuring NFL players.

Beer drinkers aren’t coming back to the brand and stores are starting to adjust their offerings as a result of Bud Light’s toxic status becoming permanent.

“Unless something dynamic happens to bring the lapsed Bud Light customers back into the fold, I don’t think we can expect anything to reverse the course,” beer consultant Dave Williams told The New York Post of Bud Light’s decline.

The photos of Bud Light price tags at Costco with the “star of death” came in from multiple locations around the country.

That could be a strong signal that Bud Light is about to come off of the shelves at the fifth largest retailer on Earth.

This is devastating news for a brand that’s already dealing with an avalanche of bad news.

Bud Light will face an uphill battle to ever regain its lost sales as retailers begin to take the beer off their shelves.

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