Bubba Wllace can’t stop crying after he blames you for his problems

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You should never bite the hand that feeds you.

And this is exactly what NASCAR is learning in real time.

Bubba Wllace can’t stop crying after he blames you for his problems.

When will NASCAR learn?

If there’s one lesson that everyone should have learned by now, it’s that you should never bite the hand that feeds you.

Bud Light is learning this the hard way as they went from the number one uncontested beer brand in America to a disgraced dumpster fire that the average American wants no part of.

NASCAR is in a similar boat, but they’ve just been doing the same thing over the past several years.

No other racing series in the world has captured the attention and fandom of more Americans over the years than NASCAR, as to this day, hundreds of thousands of fans still attend races 36 weekends per year, and millions more watch at home.

But after the death of legendary seven-time champion Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR was left completely rudderless despite being a muti-billion dollar enterprise, leading the sports now multi-millionaire executives to believe the best course of action was to begin attempting to “grow the sport” beyond its traditional roots in the south, up and down the east coast, and across the midwest.

NASCAR executives began opening luxury offices in New York high rises, and slowly but surely, adopting New York’s woke extremist values in order for executives to be accepted at their Manhattan dinner parties became a much bigger priority than putting the best product on the track.

As a result, the sport began abandoning legendary short tracks in NASCAR hotbeds, like North Carolina’s North Wilkesboro Speedway and Rockingham Speedway, and Tennessee’s Nashville Fairgrounds, for greener pastures in more populated areas with bigger tracks with larger seating capacities.

Matters were only made worse for NASCAR after executives also made the decision to go all-in on the Black Lives Matter movement, injecting left-wing politics into the sport while shunning anyone who disagreed with such nonsense as unwelcome at NASCAR-sanctioned events.

Now, those greener pastures the sport flocked to throughout the 2000’s are barely half full on Sundays when the Cup Series rolls into town.

The success of NASCAR’s heyday from the 1980’s through the early 2000’s was fueled almost exclusively by working class Americans living below the Mason-Dixon Line, and the fact that the sport’s biggest stars, like Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, Junior Johnson, Bill Elliott, Bobby and Donnie Allison, and Darrell Waltrip, were all just working class weekend warriors made the connection between fans and the sport even deeper.

Johnson was even ran moonshine through the mountains of North Carolina for most of his NASCAR career, while it wasn’t a rare occurrence for Earnhardt to show up at the track covered in dirt from working on his farm right up until it was time to head to the race.

But now, NASCAR has repaid its loyal fans by shunning them in every way possible.

And their insistence on putting NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace on a pedestal, as if he were the sport’s Tiger Woods, has only made matters worse thanks to the driver’s desire to be the sport’s LeBron James, constantly injecting politics into the sport.

After the BLM riots in 2020, Wallace, the lone black driver in the Cup Series, felt it was up to him to force the sport to adopt woke extremism.

Then, a member of Wallace’s team spotted a rope tied to the team’s garage stall door at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway as a handle that the team member believed to be a noose.

Once the team alerted NASCAR to the “noose,” rather than pointing out that it was merely a handle, NASCAR President Steve O’Donnell made the ridiculously dumb decision to alert the FBI that a “hate crime” may have been committed, then proceeded to summon Wallace to a meeting in which he told the driver he was likely the victim of said “hate crime” long before any actual investigation had been conducted.

Furthermore, the entire ordeal was in the middle of COVID, when the sport was not allowing anyone but select personnel to attend races, meaning a simple scan of security camera footage could have ended the whole ordeal, but instead, NASCAR executives made it worse, and prompted Wallace to take part in countless media interviews in which he proceeded to advance the story he was told by NASCAR, that he was the victim of a “hate crime.”

Worst of all, even after the FBI proved that the rope was simply tied as a handle, Wallace continued to claim there was a “noose” tied to his garage.

Rather than just accepting that he got way too ahead of himself and allowed the expectations left-wing radicals have of him as the sport’s lone black driver to cloud his judgment, Wallace has only made things worse, continuously lashing out as fans as “racists” for disagreeing with him or not supporting him enough.

And now, he’s made things even worse after he chose to give the middle finger to NASCAR’s national TV audience after a recent race.

But it’s your fault

But as it turns out, Wallace is under the impression that he’s done nothing to bring the criticism he receives on himself.

During a recent interview on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Wallace claimed that he actually hates being in the spotlight, and that the only reason anyone even mentioned his middle finger stunt is because NASCAR fans have a double standard when it comes to him.

“People think that I love to stay in the headlines for different reasons and I actually hate it,” Wallace claimed. “The finger’s become such a big thing when Bubba Wallace does it. But you have guys that get wrecked and they walk on the track and shoot one bird or shoot the double-bird and we laugh about it and move on. We tell them that they’re No. 1. But when Bubba Wallace does it we gotta shut the whole state down, shut the whole series down, kick him out, suspend him.

“So, on that side of things, it’s complete BS,” he added. “But, it is what it is. It’s been going on for years and it sounds like I just invented something new. And we know how some of these people that are part of this sport hate when Bubba Wallace brings in something new.”

It’s difficult to understand why anyone wouldn’t root for someone who refers to himself in the third person so frequently.

In the end, Bubba Wallace is an issue of NASCAR’s only making.

They chose to go all-in on woke extremism, and as a result, they put him on a pedestal as the sport’s lone black driver in an attempt to make him the face of the sport.

And it may have worked to appease the woke left-wing outrage mob.

But when the face of your sport hates the overwhelming majority of your sports fans, it’s not going to work out the way you’d hoped.

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