Bill Maher just dropped the act and reminded everyone who he truly is with this Presidential endorsement

David Shankbone, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For most of his career Bill Maher was held up as a hero by Democrats.

Recently though the HBO host has started applying a little common sense to some of the most pressing issues facing Americans.

But now Bill Maher just dropped the act and reminded everyone who he truly is with this Presidential endorsement.

Bill Maher: based or woke? 

One has to be very careful before holding someone up as a converted hero. 

Republicans and conservatives aren’t used to seeing celebrities stray from the woke extremist world view and narrative pushed by radical Democrats.

And because of that, when a celebrity does, in fact, make such a change, some are quick to hold them in high esteem, despite the fact that virtually all of said celebrity’s other opinions typically remain rooted in Democrat talking points that have no basis in reality.

Case in point, Bill Maher. 

Maher’s views on things like religion and politicians, like former Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump, made HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher a hit with the radical Left.

Even before that, in his stand-up comedy routine and on his Politically Incorrect show – which was ironically very politically correct at the time – he would often say things to get under the skin of conservatives.

But then something happened.

Woke Democrats went too far, leaving all common sense and sanity behind.

The comedian recognized how radical the Democrat Party and its base have become, and began speaking out against woke extremists’ violent behavior, censorship obsession, its genderless lunacy, and its targeting of children.

Conservatives heralded Maher for waking up and speaking out against woke. 

But Maher isn’t a conservative, he’s not American First, and he would likely slap you if you dared call him, “MAGA.” 

Maher calls for an open Democrat convention 

Maher is a traditional liberal, and certainly remains a Democrat, who can’t stand Trump. 

So despite all his complaints about Democrats’ obsession with woke extremism, the comic still wants a Democrat candidate to defeat Trump this November. 

And not just any Democrat candidate – Maher is now supporting arguably the most radical Governor in the entire country. 

Maher has been calling for the Democrat Party to replace President Joe Biden for the entire 2024 election cycle. 

And after Biden’s trainwreck of a debate performance, Maher renewed his calls for Biden to step aside and allow another candidate to face Trump in the general election. 

The Real Time with Bill Maher host wrote an op-ed for The New York Times, in which he made the case for an open convention. 

Going against conventional wisdom that would argue an open convention would be a mess making the Party look bad, Maher believes it would energize the Democrat base ahead of November. 

“Let’s move the plotline forward,” Maher wrote. “Democrats could not buy, with all of George Soros’s money, the enthusiasm, engagement and interest they would get from having an open convention — and in Chicago no less, famous for Democratic convention drama. Suddenly, instead of rehashing the debate from hell — worst episode of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ ever — they would be hosting a competition, something Americans love. Who will get the rose this August in Chicago?”

Maher endorses Newsom 

While many Democrats might be open to the idea of a contested convention, his candidate of choice may be the harder sell, especially for Maher’s newer, more conservative fans.

In his op-ed for The Times, Maher endorsed Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) to be the man who fills in for Biden. 

Maher is known to be a personal friend of Newsom’s, but his endorsement comes despite the fact that when Patrick Bet David asked Maher on his Club Random podcast back in February to name a single positive thing Newsom has done for Golden State residents, the host was stumped. 

And even though people are fleeing California in record numbers under Newsom’s watch, Maher believes he’d make for a great President of the United States. 

“Watching him [Newsom] make the case against Mr. Trump in the pre-debate interviews, and defend Mr. Biden post-debate, reminded me: This guy is good at this,” Maher wrote. “Yes, he has too much ‘California baggage’ — some of which I myself don’t love — but the contrast to how he prosecutes the case against Mr. Trump and how Mr. Biden did couldn’t be clearer. He’s forceful, never at a loss for words or stats, never stumbles, never intimidated. He’s un-bullyable, and that’s important against Mr. Trump.”

By that description, it seems what makes someone a good POTUS is not having the last name “Trump.” 

As for the “California baggage,” Maher glossed over, that includes rampant homelessness and rapidly rising crime, pushes for reparations, becoming a supposed “trans sanctuary city,” keeping parents away from children if they don’t believe in so-called, “gender-affirming care,” eliminating gas-powered cars and an endless list of woke dream items.  

Perhaps Maher should take a look at that Newsom-list, because many of the items on it are the same extreme Left policies and results the comedian has made the butt of his jokes in recent years.  

For his part, Newsom has so-far declined to push for Biden to withdraw from the race and has stayed silent about any wishes to replace him. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.