Bill Maher just dropped a truth bomb on the NFL for the last reason you’d ever expect

The National Football League has been making a lot of headlines recently and not for many of the reasons the NFL would like.

From the numerous lawsuits filed against Cleveland Browns QB DeShaun Watson by twenty-six masseuses to Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s idiotic call for more gun laws.

Now ​​Bill Maher just dropped a truth bomb on the NFL for the last reason you’d ever expect.

Of laughter and leftists

Since the rise of the woke Left, Democrats have been at war with themselves.

Traditional liberals have been under constant assault from the more radical and Marxist elements, which control most of the Democrat Party today.

But there exists no greater a divide, on the Left, than the fight surrounding free speech and the First Amendment, which is a battle constantly being fought by comedians and leftist radicals.

Whether it’s Dave Chapell, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Roseanne Barr, or any other prominent comedian, leftist activists have tried to cancel them for simply telling jokes in a special or making comments on a podcast.

And since stand-up comics and other comedians say words for a living, they more so than any other profession have become the staunchest of defenders of free speech, which has many of them finding unlikely allies on the Right.

So much so that now comedians are usually the first ones to defend a person who is being canceled by the Left for simply saying something “wrong.”

Commies’ Coach’s comments condemned

This is what brings us to a recent episode of HBO’s Real Time, which is hosted by Bill Maher.

Now, Maher has made a career of making fun of conservatives, Republicans, and religion.

But today’s Left has gone so far Left that they’ve left Bill Maher behind.

As a result, recently Maher has been blasting them almost as much as he does the Right.

So when the Washington Commies fined their Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio $100,000 for downplaying the January 6 incident at the Capital, Maher condemned the NFL team by saying, “There was a football coach, his name is Jack Del Rio . . . and he called the January 6 riot a ‘dust-up.’ Now, this is a very common view that he has. I would like to, if I could talk to Mr. Del Rio, I think I could probably and hopefully convince him a little bit that it was more than a dust-up. He also compares it a lot to the 2020 protests that were going on after the George Floyd murder. Okay, I think I could also convince him there are really important differences between those two things and actually the attack on the Capitol was worse. Nevertheless, he has a right to be wrong. In America, you have the right to be wrong. They fined him. The team fined him $100,000 for this opinion. Fining people for an opinion, I am not down with that.”

Perhaps the reason the NFL team is so desperate to appease the radical Left by punishing Del Rio so severely and forcing him to apologize is because of the hatred the team received for its former name “The Washington Redskins.” 

Or, it could be that they don’t want to further anger Democrats in Congress since the House Oversight Committee already wrote a letter to the FTC, accusing the team’s owner Daniel Snyder of hiding money from the NFL for over a decade by withholding security deposits from season ticket holders and lying about the ticket sales of NFL games at the Commies’ stadium.

Whatever the Commies’ reason for fining Coach Del Rio is, it’s still a bad one.

And Bill Maher is absolutely correct for calling out the Commies’ craziness.

Even though Maher disagrees with Del Rio’s comments and probably vehemently so, he was able to put aside his personal politics to stand up for the coach’s Constitutional rights.

Hopefully enough of the older, more traditional liberals will follow Maher’s example and defend free speech as fiercely as he and the other comedians have done.

Only time will tell if the comedians will be able to stop the anti-free speech movement in the Democrat Party.

And unfortunately, time isn’t necessarily on their side.

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