Bill Maher destroyed left-wing extremists’ woke nonsense with this epic must-see rant

Woke left-wing extremism has jumped the shark.

It’s reached the point of utter ridiculousness that even self-described, bleeding heart Hollywood liberals are saying enough is enough.

And now Bill Maher destroyed left-wing extremists’ woke nonsense with this epic must-see rant.

Few other liberals have the courage to admit it

It’s no secret that the Left is out to rewrite history in order to achieve their political and cultural goals of “fundamentally transforming the United States.”

They’ve attempted to turn government schools – from high school all the way down to kindergarten – into the same type of left-wing extremist indoctrination camps that colleges and universities started to become early in the 20th century.

And anytime concerned parents have voiced displeasure with teaching revisionist history in order to push a warped sense of reality on children, the Left has pretended such indoctrination doesn’t exist.

Well, that is, until Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, declared concerned parents who speak against left-wing indoctrination at local school board meetings “domestic terrorists.”

But in a recent episode of HBO’s Real Time, liberal host Bill Maher not only admitted such indoctrination and revisionist history is, in fact, happening, he went on to unleash an epic rant against woke left-wing extremists for wanting to “abuse history to control the present.”

Maher began the rant by highlighting left-wing extremists’ growing obsession with “presentism,” which, as he explained, is essentially the idea that historical figures’ actions should be judged by present standards, rather than put into proper historical context.

“It’s the belief that people who lived 100, or 500, or 1000 years ago, really should have known better,” Maher said mockingly. “Which is so stupid. It’s like getting mad at yourself for not knowing what you know now, when you were 10.”

From there, Maher went on to explain that the entire point of history was to learn from mistakes, misdeeds, and yes, outright atrocities in an effort to improve society, and each of us individually.

“Did Christopher Columbus commit atrocities?” Maher asked rhetorically. “Of course. But people back then were generally atrocious.”

But unlike other liberals who are too afraid to broach the subject out of fear of being canceled, Maher didn’t just stop there – he went on to give his audience the history lesson so many Americans need to hear today.

Bill Maher . . . America’s history teacher?

As outrageous as it is that it took a liberal comedian with a weekly HBO show to finally give the “mainstream” culture a much-needed history lesson on slavery, Maher rightly pointed out many of the fallacies being pushed by left-wing extremists who want to rewrite history today.

“Everybody who could afford one had a slave, including people of color,” Maher explained. “The way people talk about slavery these days, you’d think it was uniquely an American thing that we invented in 1619. But slavery throughout history has been the rule, not the exception.”

“The word slave comes from slav, because so many Slavic people were enslaved – and they’re as white as the Hallmark Channel,” the liberal host continued. “Who do you think gathered the slaves from the interior of Africa to sell to slave traders? Africans, who also kept their own slaves. We’re a species prone to making others of our species our b**ch.”

Name another self-admitted liberal who would dare to lay out those facts? 

Outside of maybe Joe Rogan, you probably can’t offhand – that’s how far gone today’s Left is.

Bill Maher certainly is not perfect, and he’s definitely wrong more often than not, but as Ben Shapiro would say, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

And clearly, that’s the point Maher has now reached, where he’s no longer playing by the Left’s made up rules, as evidenced by the rest of his rant.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – humans are not good people,” Maher suggested. “And the capacity for cruelty is a human thing, not a white thing. That’s the truth, even though it doesn’t jive with the current narrative. But in today’s world, when truth conflicts with narrative, it’s the truth that has to apologize.”

“Being woke is like a magic moral time machine, where you judge everyone against what you imagine you would have done in 1066, and you always win,” he explained, before adding that the aforementioned Professor Sweet was right to criticize “presentism” because “it’s just a way to congratulate yourself about being better than George Washington because you have a gay friend and he didn’t.”

Of course, Maher was far from done there.

He went on to rip the Portland school system for adopting curriculum that claims the fact that gender is binary was just an idea brought to America by pilgrims and forced on “the people already living here,” and blasted a new movie called I, Joan, which rewrites the story of Joan of Arc as if she were a transgender woman, fighting for the right to wear pants.

You really can’t make this stuff up, and finally, even liberals like Bill Maher are drawing a line in the sand and saying, “enough is enough.”

You can watch the entire 8-plus minute rant here:

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