Bigfoot was just spotted in the United States. And now the internet is going bananas

Bloodyboppa, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Generations of Americans have all heard plenty of claims of “bigfoot” sightings and hoaxes throughout the decades.

But bigfoot was just spotted in the United States.

And now the internet is going bananas.

Folklore is as American as apple pie

The American colonies were dubbed the “Howling Wilderness” by mainland Europeans for its never ending wild landscape and undiscovered mysteries. 

And as you would imagine, the rumors of what lurked in the woods of the Americas ran rampant. 

Nearly every town had its local folklore of what you may find once you went out beyond the protection of civilization. 

As colonists advanced into the wilderness and tamed the great swathes of land that were a mystery for Europeans, they also did away with much of their local folklore. 

But some of that folklore still persists to this day. 

And one that continues to thrive are the stories and legends about bigfoot. 

Bigfoot in the Bayou?

Dating all the way back to the 1600s when colonists were horrified by stories from local native Americans about large hairy monsters roaming around in the deep woods, bigfoot has been one of folklores that Americans just can’t get enough of. 

But bigfoot fever really didn’t take off as a national phenomenon until the Patterson–Gimlin films from the mid 1960s.

Nearly every American has seen the famous footage of the large ape-like creature. 

And since the Patterson–Gimlin films were released, there have been several bigfoot sightings in every state of the union besides Hawaii. 

But even though these ape-like creatures have been spotted in 49 states, few people think of Louisiana as being a hot-spot for bigfoot sightings. 

There have been numerous sightings over the years in Southern Louisiana of a bigfoot lurking around swamps and the bayou. 

And now, the Bayou State has another bigfoot sighting it can add to its list, and it’s one that is making some headlines.

A group of teenagers recently decided to go camping in the Kisatchie National Forest, which is about 100 miles northwest of Baton Rouge. 

This isn’t unusual for the area but what happened during their camping trip is something that they will never forget.During their camping trip, the teens saw something in the woods stalking their campsite. 

And the teens were so freaked out that they ended up frantically calling 9-1-1. 

The local sheriff’s office claims that the teens claimed to have “heard a growl and saw what appeared to be an animal that had glowing eyes and stood about 5-foot tall.”

But as you would imagine, when police arrived to investigate they found nothing to write home about. 

As the sheriff’s office spokesperson put it, they were “unable to locate any suspicious activity involving a growl with glowing eyes and standing 5-feet tall.”

So the next time you go tromping through the woods make sure you keep an eye peeled out for bigfoot lurking behind a tree. 

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Do you believe in bigfoot?