Big Tech is censoring ads exposing Democrats over this obscene reason

Parents, grandparents, and just decent human beings in general can ill afford to be oblivious to what is going on in our schools. 

But that’s exactly what Democrat elites and their Big Tech allies are trying to do.

And now Big Tech is censoring ads exposing Democrats over this obscene reason.

Twitter censors ad revealing grotesque sexual material available in government school libraries

Earlier this week, Twitter covered up a political ad aimed at showing parents in the swing state of Michigan highly sexualized LGBT content that is currently available to children in government school libraries.

The American Principles Project released the ad showing pages from various books that school aged children are currently able to obtain without parental consent and attacks Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for wanting to expose your kids to this obscene content.

According to the American Principles Project, they were planning on running this ad in Michigan and other ads like it in “Maine, Illinois and Wisconsin starting this week – all as part of a $10 million+ spend to hold Democrats accountable for grooming our kids.”

Apparently Big Tech is okay with children looking at this sexual content in schools without parent approval, but it’s too obscene to have an ad on Twitter (a website where porn is openly available for public viewing) exposing Democrats for pushing this content on children.

Sexualizing children is a part of the radical Left’s agenda

There’s no denying it. 

The Democrat Party is trying to normalize the sexualization of our children by exposing them to all sorts of debauchery, whether it be in graphic books, videos, or drag queen shows.

What was once unthinkable in our nation is now quickly becoming “normal.”

When the sitting Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel, can make a joke about having drag queen story hour in every school and the Democrat Party fails to condemn that sort of comment, it’s a pretty good sign that we are in deep trouble as a nation.

Drag queen story hours and grossly-misnamed “family-friendly” drag shows where parents are bringing their young children to watch transgender men flaunt around sexually and give them money are becoming far too common place in this nation.

Conservatives must stand up and fight back

Remaining silent on this evil campaign targeting our children is not an option. 

Is it any wonder why parents are pulling their children out of government school in droves? 

It seems like a week doesn’t go by where some new video comes out of a government school teacher going off about their goal to indoctrinate their students in LGBT ideology, socialism, and whatever radical nonsense they are advocating for. 

And the Democrat Party is the political vehicle through which these perverted radicals are using to push their agenda.

Sadly, the Republican Party, outside of a few like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, seem completely unprepared in fighting back against them, which is why conservatives must do all they can this election cycle to expose any politicians who are actively pushing for the sexualization of our children, or are passive participants, just watching as it happens.

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