Big banks believe that they will be the ones that determine the morality of their customers

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People around the world must take note of the steady march of authoritarianism in woke corporations.

Big governments use these organizations to push policies that wouldn’t normally gain public support.

Now it’s becoming clear the establishment will use Big Banks to enforce their radical cultural norms.

Banks use radical ESG policies to target Democrats’ political opponents

Major banking institutions are trying to usher in a new economic system that utilizes social credit scores to police average people around the world.

While some conservatives have been warning about this for years, it is now becoming abundantly clear after British politician Nigel Farage was targeted.

News broke this week that in April, Coutts Bank, which is owned by major financial institution NatWest, shut down accounts associated with Farage.

The attack against the major political influencer has brought new attention to allegations of political and religious discrimination by financial institutions worldwide.

The UK’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said that Coutts decision to shut down Farage’s accounts was troubling, and “wrong on so many levels.”

Cleverly says it could harm banks because the action “completely undermines the trust we have in our banking and financial systems.”

The banks are hiding behind so-called “environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.”

A “reputational risk”

Major corporations have been showing that they are beholden to woke extremist ruling class elites, like those within the World Economic Forum.

The ruling class elites use ESG standards to further legitimize actions that are reducing freedom in the name of social justice issues, climate change, and outright authoritarianism.

Heartland Institute director Justin Haskins said that the move by British banks to silence Farage isn’t “surprising.”

He said that “through various [ESG] policies and frameworks, banks regularly choose to screen out customers who are deemed ‘reputational risks’” to their businesses.

Haskins went on to tell Americans that it’s already happening here, too.

According to Haskins, “there is a mountain of evidence that shows many of America’s largest and most powerful banks are discriminating against customers because of their ideological, social, cultural, religious, or political views.”

Haskins believes that if Americans don’t respond quickly, the discrimination will only get worse.

Financial discrimination is coming for everyone and policymakers must fight back

Haskins said that Heartland has already “been carefully monitoring Chase, which de-banked General Flynn and de-banked other conservatives” including the United States Ambassador at-large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback.

According to Heartland, the banks are now using their strength to erode Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

“Banks and other financial institutions have already started to discriminate with gun companies, either through higher fees or rates or refusing to do business entirely…” Haskins said.

Banks have shown that they’re not afraid to de-bank sitting politicians, doctors, and journalists.

The next move is to start using the weapon of enforcement against the working class in the name of climate science.

If you buy too much gas, they will simply shut down your account until you offset your carbon use.

If central banks get their way, then we will soon be living in a world with programmable digital currencies that could automatically shut off based on your personal social credit score.

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the next big weapon the ruling class elites will wield against the working class.

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