Biden’s top transgender HHS official wants to carry out this unthinkable act on children

After just a year and a half, Joe Biden has already cemented himself as one of the worst Presidents in American history. 

The only thing worse than Joe Biden are the total whack-jobs who surround him. 

And Biden’s top transgender HHS official wants to carry out this unthinkable act on children. 

Joe Biden is no moderate Democrat

When looking at all of the lunatics who ran for the Democrat ticket in 2020, it is easy to label Joe Biden as a moderate Democrat. 

But the truth is, Joe Biden is anything but a moderate.  

After just a year and a half in office, Biden has already proved that the radical left-wing side of his party is in charge. 

Whether it is shutting down oil pipelines, refusing to take action at the border, siding with teachers union bosses over parents or destroying the economy, Biden has proved he is a socialist through and through. 

At this point, it is fair to say that no President has ever been as radical as Joe Biden. 

But given Joe Biden’s failing mental state, it’s likely he is not making very many important decisions himself. 

Rather, the radical leftists he has surrounded himself with appear to be calling the shots, and the results have so far been catastrophic. 

The extremists in Washington, D.C. are trying to destroy America

Without a doubt, the most concerning aspect of the Biden administration is the insane freaks of nature that Joe Biden has put into important positions of power. 

The most concerning of these appointments is the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard (now known as Rachel) Levine. 

This hideous monstrosity is supposed to be a poster child of good health and helps to make important decisions regarding food safety, drug safety and healthy living recommendations produced by the federal government. 

But by taking one look at this lost soul, it is fair to say that nobody should be looking to him for health advice. 

However, recent comments from Levine have proved that Americans will not be able to simply ignore this dangerous transvestite for long. 

Biden officials want to abuse children in the name of “social justice”

Recently, Levine made a number of comments that should horrify all Americans. 

When speaking at a DNC roundtable on LGBT issues, Levine made the claim that “Gender affirming care is lifesaving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers.”

Levine went on to say, “As a pediatrician, when it comes to making sure kids are healthy and happy, I know how important care that affirmed someone’s true identity can be.”

There it is in black and white, this trans activist-turned government official wants to give children irreversible puberty blockers and sex-change operations. 

Not only is this disgusting, it is pure evil. 

These sorts of surgeries and procedures should never be performed on a child. 

These comments prove why activists such as Levine are so incredibly dangerous. 

It is not enough to advance the cause of trans adults, but these sickos want to permanently alter kids to become these neutered monstrosities. 

Anybody who thinks a child should be given puberty blockers should be in prison and placed on the sex offender registration. 

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