Biden’s poor poll numbers are even worse than anyone thought

Over the years, approval ratings have been a reliable metric to indicate how the general public feels about a given politician.

And as it stands, Joe Biden has one of the worst average approval ratings as President in history at just around the 40% mark.

But according to one professional pollster, Biden is in much hotter water than his approval ratings indicate.

There is no way of sugar-coating it, Joe Biden is doing an absolutely horrible job as President.

Nearly every single aspect of life in America is worse than it was under Trump’s leadership.

Gas prices are soaring, inflation is at record highs, Russia feels emboldened enough to invade neighboring countries, supply chains are broken, crime is at record levels across the nation, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

And for this reason, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are absolutely horrific.

RealClearPolitics, which publishes approval ratings from a variety of sources, says that Biden’s average approval rating as of April 8, 2022 is a pathetic 41.3%.

And when you take into consideration how much help he gets from the media, this is abysmal, to say the least.

But these numbers only tell part of the story.

According to former Clinton advisor and pollster Mark Penn, Joe Biden has also taken a major hit in the likability category.

According to Penn, “I think the President has lost one of his key attributes, which was always likability. Whether people favored his policies or not, he did have this image of being a kind of likable Uncle Joe. You know, ice cream Joe is kind of friendly. And I think he’s lost that.”

Penn went on to say “I think it’s been replaced by a kind of sterner, angrier figure who can now generate numbers like this.”

Anybody who has suffered through a nonsensical speech from Biden lately knows exactly what Penn is talking about.

Many medical experts believe this could be a symptom of cognitive decline, perhaps mental health issues, or both.

Either way, these figures do not bode well for the Democrat Party this November at the Midterm elections.

Most experts are predicting that the GOP will make huge gains in both Houses of Congress.

And then of course 2024 is not far off either.

It is not clear at this point who will challenge Biden if he even runs again, but at this point, it does not seem like beating him will be too difficult.

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