Biden’s Energy Secretary tries looking on the bright side of record-high gas prices while Americans suffer

There is no way to deny it, the American economy is sinking like a rock. 

One of the most visible side effects has been the insanely fast rise in gas prices to record high levels. 

But instead of combating these record-high prices, Biden’s radical Energy Secretary tries looking on the bright side while Americans suffer. 

Worse than Jimmy Carter

Ever since Joe Biden took the oath of office, the American economy has been on a disastrous path to ruin. 

Just about every single measurable variable of the United States economy is sinking, and there is no end in sight. 

Whether it is the cost of groceries, cars, or fuel, Americans are being squeezed more than ever before for everyday items. 

As it stands, gas alone is more expensive than ever before with the national average gas price inching towards $5 a gallon (with today’s national average reaching $4.95). 

And according to most reputable economists, the worst has yet to come.

Surely they have a plan, right?


So you would expect President Joe Biden and his team to do something about it, but the exact opposite is true. 

In fact, it seems as if many members of his cabinet and inner circle are happy with the record high price of gas. 

One such member of Biden’s inner circle who seems very pleased with expensive gas is none other than the Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm. 

Just the other day Granholm foolishly claimed, “We’re going to get to this clean energy economy.” 

Granholm went on to say, “One hydroelectric project, one solar panel, one wind turbine, one geothermal project, one advanced nuclear reactor, one electric vehicle, one battery at a time.” 

But then when asked about what is being done about gas prices Granholm claimed, “The Department of Energy has an energy information administration which is an objective entity that does analysis projecting the prices of gasoline. They said that things might stabilize by the end of this year, but the price of gas is likely to remain above four dollars a gallon.”

So in a nutshell, Granholm and the Biden administration are not expecting gas prices to dip anytime soon, and if anything they are using this crisis as a vessel to implement their socialist Green New Deal wish list.

Americans are struggling to make ends meet


Now is not the time to be playing political games. 

The cost of gas does not just hurt people at the pumps, but it hurts consumers everywhere. 

Any item that requires transportation via boat, plane, or truck (which is just about every single consumer good out there) is now higher. 

Many working families are struggling to put food on the table, and Biden does not seem to care.  

He actually seems pleased with himself. 

This sort of gloating in the face of a full-blown crisis is disgusting behavior and it will almost certainly backfire on these corrupt officials. 

That’s because this November voters have a chance to shake things up in Congress, and you better believe people will be voting with their wallets. 

If something is not done in a hurry, gas may reach double-digit levels, and life in America will never be the same. 

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