Biden’s DHS Secretary was furious about what this former top border control official said about the ongoing crisis

What is happening on our southern border is an unmitigated crisis.

People are flooding into this country with no end in sight, and these people are often unvetted and at times very dangerous.

And the awful state of the border was made very clear the other day by somebody who knows exactly what is going on.

What makes a nation a nation is its borders and its laws.

It’s as simple as that.

If you take that away, then you eventually have nothing Left.

Unsurprisingly, a borderless and lawless nation is exactly what many on the Left dream about, and after a couple of years of Biden’s disastrous rule, the border is both lawless and practically borderless.

Extremely dangerous terrorists and cartel members are caught at the border on nearly a daily basis, and there is no doubt that many more have not been caught, free to roam our streets.

For proof of just how bad things have gotten at the southern border, just look at what the former Chief of the Border Control, Rodney Scott, had to say about it.

Scott said, “Cartels control nearly everything down there . . . and Biden’s policies are not humane. More people are dying today and more people are being trafficked and we know less about what is happening than at any point in my 30-year career.”

He added, “These problems are a direct result of Biden’s failed policies.”

Despite the fact that children are being trafficked, and that people are dying, Democrats do not seem to be bothered.

As long as their votes roll in, there is no reason to care in their minds.

Fortunately, more and more Americans are waking up to this humanitarian crisis.

Just the other day, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy led a delegation of Republican Members of Congress to tour the southern border to see the crisis firsthand.

But nothing will come of this visit as long as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are calling the shots in Congress.

That is why the elections this November are so important.

If the Mexico border remains effectively open, then crime, drugs, and other harmful factors will continue to flood into our nation.

People will keep dying, and drugs will continue to proliferate in our streets until Washington, D.C. decides to do something about it.

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