Biden’s days might be numbered after this House member pointed out something his handlers desperately tried to hide

Over the past several years, and way before he was in the White House, something has been off with Joe Biden.

Yes, he has always been a cooky hater of freedom. But as of late, his cognitive decline has been painfully obvious.

These suspicions were confirmed by a member of the House – and let’s just say he knows what he’s talking about.

For years now, Joe Biden’s mental decline has been obvious.

More often than not, he rambles on with some nonsensical rant, and that is if his handlers allow him to speak in the first place.

This has been very evident over the past couple of months while handling the war ravaging Eastern Europe.

On several occasions, Biden has made some very dangerous and stupid off-the-cuff remarks about sending soldiers to Ukraine or regime change in Russia.

Given that these remarks could start a nuclear war, Biden’s mental decline is no laughing matter.

These concerns were echoed just the other day when Representative Ronny Jackson of Texas declared that “Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming a national security concern.”

And he would know.

Jackson not only got his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas, but he also served as the Physician to the President for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, before the radical Left turned that into a political appointment in an effort to hurt Trump.

So if anybody knows what cognitive decline looks like, it would be Representative Jackson.

And his frank assessment should scare every American.

Biden is only one meandering rant away from nuclear war, and it looks like his staff are well aware of this.

After nearly every statement the President makes, the White House releases a contradictory follow-up statement to soften the blow of whatever indefensible remark he just made.

And because of this, Biden is sheltered more than any other world leader in recent memory.

Press conferences are very rare for Biden, especially if he is expecting hardball questions about Russia or our troubled economy.

If he continues to get worse, even his handlers might realize the 25th Amendment is the only option they have left to save the country from Biden’s cognitive decline.

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