Biden tells Congress to “do something” about school shootings except for this one thing that could actually help

Before Americans had a chance to even begin processing the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, Democrats were shouting for so-called gun control.

Afterall, never let a good crisis go to waste, they say.

Now Biden is calling on Congress to “do something” about school shootings except for this one thing that could actually help.

Democrats want so-called “universal background checks” – though you already can’t purchase a gun without a background check.

The radical Left is demanding an end to the “gun show loophole” – though no such thing exists.

Woke Social Justice Snowflakes want your neighbors, family members, and even ex-spouses to have the ability to label you a “red flag” risk and have your firearms taken away.

The gun-grabbers want to limit the amount of rounds a magazine can hold, despite having no evidence that magazine size has anything to do with mass shooting casualties.

Leftist-lawmakers want to ban “assault weapons,” without being able to explain what one is.

And President Joe Biden says we need to eliminate so-called “ghost guns,” but confused everyone in the room when he tried to describe what that means.

None of those “solutions,” would have actually stopped a single mass shooting from happening.

And they wouldn’t stop the senseless gang-related murders that take place every week in heavy gun-control cities like Chicago, New York, Oakland, Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore – just to name a handful.

It begs the questions – why do Democrats keep pushing for laws that wouldn’t actually achieve the desired results?

But there is one common-sense solution, supported by most Republicans – that could help save lives and mitigate damage in the event of a mass shooting – arming teachers who want to be armed.

Reports say the Uvalde killer was in the school for upwards of an hour, and eventually barricaded himself into a single classroom, where he went on his killing spree.

Imagine the lives that could have been saved had the teacher in the room been a well-trained gun carrier.

Unfortunately, it appears Democrats in Congress, nor the Biden Administration have any interest in that common-sense legislation.

In fact, President Biden’s second pick to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, opposed training and arming teachers who have military or police backgrounds.

ATF nominee, Steve Dettelbach, in his failed 2018 bid for Ohio Attorney General campaigned against the idea, calling it a “politician’s plan.”

“It doesn’t protect people in any meaningful way. It’s more than a day late and much more than a dollar short,” Dettelbach said.

Tell that to the parents of the young children who could have been saved if their teacher was practicing concealed carry.

“Arming a few selected and specially trained teachers would be particularly important for rural schools where it may take law enforcement officers precious minutes before they can arrive after being called,” said George Washington University Law School professor John Banzhaf.

“Another major advantage is that — unlike most other measures now being discussed to reduce school shootings which require federal and/or state action — permitting or even encouraging selected teachers to be armed is something which can be done immediately without waiting for such long-delayed and not-very-likely legislative action,” Banzhaf added.

Dettelbach is about to face Senate confirmation hearings regarding his ATF appointment from President Biden.

Arming willing teachers will surely be a question Dettelbach will have to answer.

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