Biden shamelessly and foolishly mocked gun owners at a far-left fundraising event

It seems as if every time Joe Biden opens his mouth he blurts out a new gaffe. 

He cannot go a single day without saying something that is either completely gibberish or insulting to half of the country. 

But this time Biden shamelessly and foolishly mocked gun owners at a far-left fundraising event. 

Joe Biden is coming after responsible gun owners

Joe Biden has made one thing very clear during his 50 years in elected office. 

He has a fundamental hatred for responsible gun owners. 

That is because they are more often than not his political rivals, and over the years he has gone to extreme lengths to try and punish them for exercising their Second Amendment rights. 

And in the wake of several tragic shootings across the country, Joe Biden is taking advantage of the moment by proposing radical changes to some federal gun laws and restrictions. 

He has even gone as far as to suggest banning 9mm pistols, which are by far the most common gun in the United States. 

Make no mistake, Joe Biden and his allies in Washington, D.C. want to completely disarm the American public, and it has very little to do with any mass shootings. 

The latest Biden gaffe is his most concerning in recent memory

If Joe Biden’s extensive anti-gun record was not enough, just look at what he said at an elite left-wing fundraiser in Beverly Hills, California. 

While sipping on champagne with Hollywood’s most elite and wealthiest Democrat donors, Biden once again made a total fool of himself. 

When speaking to the group, Biden created a bizarre hypothetical scenario in which he was talking to a hypothetical gun owner who claimed Biden was trying to take his guns away to which Biden responded

“They’d say, ‘God darn, Joe, what the hell are you doing taking my gun away?’” Biden recalled. “And I said, ‘Let me ask you a question.’ I said, ‘How many — when you go deer hunting, how many deer are wearing Kevlar vests?’”

Biden then went on to say, “‘By the way, if you need 30, 40, 60, up to 100 rounds to fire,’ I said, ‘you’re a danger to yourself, man,’”

Not only is that statement bizarre and nonsensical, but it paints gun owners as redneck idiots who are in need of government protection from themselves. 

Backlash ensues after these insulting comments

As you can imagine, Americans are not taking these comments lightly. 

Not only are they very condescending, but they show how out-of-touch Joe Biden is with the American public. 

Americans are so sick of Joe Biden, one only has to look at his approval ratings to see what a failure his administration is. 

According to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden’s average approval rating is around the 39% mark, with some reputable polls showing him at 35%.

If accurate, this would be the lowest approval ratings average of any President in modern history. 

Americans as well as responsible gun owners do not like being talked down to like a bunch of idiots, and if Joe Biden thinks this is ok then he is in for a major shock this Election Day.

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