Biden officials are running out of excuses for the inflation crisis they created

As it stands, the most urgent and pressing crisis America faces is inflation, yet you would never know that by watching the corporate-controlled media. 

American dollars are worth less than any time in recent memory, and Joe Biden’s White House is caught like a deer in headlights. 

And Biden officials are running out of excuses for the inflation crisis they created.

Inflation is a major threat to all Americans

You would never know it by turning on the television or by reading most newspapers, but the current inflation crisis is one of the most pressing issues America is facing. 

The value of the dollar is less than any time in modern history, and as a result, prices for just about everything are skyrocketing. 

Food, gas, services, you name it, and they are drastically more expensive. 

Inflation is such a danger to the average American because overnight it turns their hard-earned dollars into useless paper. 

That is why many economists refer to inflation as the “invisible tax” because it chips away at your wealth without ever being officially levied. 

And looking back at history, just about every war, crisis, and depression began with rampant out-of-control inflation. 

So what is the White House’s strategy?  

Deflect and deflate.  

All they know how to do at this point is lie, blame others, and try to make major crises seem minor. 

And unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who are dumb enough to believe them. 

The White House is running out of excuses for the inflation crisis

At this point in Biden’s Presidency, it is abundantly clear that he and his cronies in the White House are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. 

So far, the Biden administration has used just about every excuse in the books to explain why inflation rates are rising at record rates. 

In fact, the current Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, just made another ridiculous excuse for the inflation crisis. 

According to Buttigieg,if you just consider the magnitude of the shock that the pandemic created, we’re going to continue seeing those shock waves reverberate through our economy, I think, for quite some time.” 

So in a nutshell, he is saying, “don’t blame me or Joe Biden, blame COVID.” 

This sort of blame deflection and lying is now an impulse for the radical Left and the Biden administration. 

Fortunately, it appears as if the majority of the American public is not buying these sorry excuses. 

Biden’s poll numbers are a reflection of his failure in leadership

Any good leader knows that the buck should stop with them and taking accountability for your failures is paramount to being a strong leader. 

Somebody should really tell that to Joe Biden. 

Fortunately, the American public is seeing right through his lies. 

As it stands, Joe Biden’s average approval rating on RealClearPolitics is hovering around 38%, which is the lowest average for a President in modern American history, and perhaps ever. 

The true litmus test of the Biden administration will come this November when voters head to the polls in what promises to be a major red wave. 

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